The Gruen Transfer: Aug 17

This week on The Gruen Transfer Wil Anderson is joined by Todd Sampson (Leo Burnett), Russel Howcroft (GPYR), Jeremy Nicolas (BMF) and Jane Caro.

All eyes on Todd’s t-shirts.

How Do You Sell?
Animal Rights. In a week when parliament discusses Live Export, the Gruen panel dissects the sometimes controversial communication strategies of organisations such as RSPCA, Animals Australia, PETA and Greenpeace.

9pm Wednesday on ABC1.

Ad Crunch:
Tontine. 53 year-old Melbourne-based pillow company Tontine decided it was time to for an ad campaign. Its agency suggested another idea. Having seen research which showed people keep using old pillows long after they’re brown and stainy, the agency suggested stamping pillows with ‘Use-by dates’, then creating a campaign to make us all scared about the microbial ecosystems that sleep with us every night. The result: sales increased by 345%.

The Pitch:
Tonight’s challenge comes from Mitchel Huffa from Adelaide. The multi-million dollar industry for bottled water is proof how easy it is to sell us stuff we don’t need. Tonight, we ask our agencies to make us all want to pay for bottled air.
Kingdom Advertising Vs Made4Media

9pm Wednesday on ABC1.


  1. I continue to enjoy, but I was dissapointed Todd didnt do anything funny with his t-shirt

    Maybe a “To complain about this t-shirt call ….” t-shirt

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