Airdate: The Joy of Sets, Returning: Two and a Half Men.

Ok TV-philes……  The Joy Of Sets, hosted by Tony Martin and Ed Kavalee, will premiere at 9pm Tuesday September 20th. Looking forward to this one.

Described as “an affectionate and funny journey through the world of television” the Zapruder’s Other Films production will follow the return of Two and a Half Men at 8:30pm.

With Ashton Kutcher’s debut it should raise the curiosity factor.

And at 9:30pm Nine will screen the Comedy Central Charlie Sheen Roast.

Written and hosted by Tony Martin and Ed Kavalee, The Joy of Sets will take you to parts of the television universe you never knew existed. By the end of the series keen viewers will have learnt enough to create their own smash hit TV format – or their money back. *

In the premiere episode, Tony and Ed start their tutorials at the very beginning – opening titles or, as it’s known in the trade, “selling the meat”. What’s the best way to hook an audience – sex, freaky weirdness or cheesy headshots? Joining the boys to help explain are Peter Phelps, veteran of title sequences from Sons and Daughters, Baywatch and Rescue Special Ops, and for some unknown reason Warwick Capper.

Throughout the series Tony and Ed teach the audience things about television that they probably would have already noticed if they hadn’t wasted so much of their lives watching television. How do cooking shows turn peeling potatoes into ratings gold? Why does every third cop on American TV seem to be called “Ramerez?” Who killed Warwick Capper? All these questions, and more, will be answered on The Joy Of Sets.

New Zealand-born comedian Tony Martin first appeared on Australian TV and radio as part of the D-Generation comedy troupe and was part of their Logie-winning cult hit, The Late Show. He has made multiple appearances on Kath & Kim, Thank God You’re Here, The 7PM Project and Spicks and Specks. Most recently he directed episodes ofT he Librarians and Judith Lucy’s Spiritual Journey, and has hosted two series of A Quiet Word.

Ed Kavalee has appeared as a TV regular on Thank God You’re Here, Out of the Question hosted by Glenn Robbins, Good News Week, and Santo Sam and Ed’s Cup Fever during the 2010 World Cup (DK: No TV Burp?). He currently anchors Hughesy and Kate on radio for Nova.

Tony and Ed first worked together in 2006 on Triple M’s radio program ,Get This.

From Andrew Denton’s production company, Zapruder’s Other Films, The Joy Of Sets is an affectionate and funny journey through the world of television.

*Offer applies to free-to-air television only

All New Two and a Half Men: Tuesday, September 20 at 8.30pm
The Joy of Sets: Tuesday, September 20 at 9.00pm
Charlie Sheen Roast: Tuesday, September 20 at 9.30pm


  1. oscar the death cat

    Just because your not top of the class doesn’t mean you can’t buy the school. Loser’s who’ve never done anything but knock, but I’m delighted to announce there’s never been a monument erected to the memory of a Critic!! they just prey for someone to fall over and when asked to make a positive contribution to society they let you down, every time, without fail!!!

  2. On free to air, I’m never sure about a show starting at ‘o’clock’, rather than ‘half past’ the hour – they invariably don’t register with people channel surfing and if you’re caught up in a show, you forget (unless you can ‘season pass’ it) – missed several Gruens because of that.

  3. NCIS doesn’t return in the US until Sept 20 so can’t be on TEN (Tuesday) until the following week, so at least they don’t have to worry about going up against new 2.5 Men or the Rafters. The 27th should be interesting as I doubt TEN will shelve their top new shows like NCIS for very long given their current ratings.

  4. Maybe Ch9 should put Top Gear (Australia or original) back into a 7.30 timeslot… you know – where it worked… Interesting that they are putting Two and a Half Men at 8.30 though?

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