Airdate: Lewis Black’s Root of All Evil

Next week ABC2 screens a Comedy Central mock trial conducted by Lewis Black (The Daily Show with Jon Stewart), who presides over arguments that are supposedly “The Root of All Evil.”

‘Prosecutors’ such as Greg Giraldo, Paul F. Tompkins and Patton Oswalt (United States of Tara) argue their cases for who’s more evil.

While it looks like being a bit of fun, it’s also a little dated, with this episode on Paris Hilton vs Dick Cheney first airing in the US in 2008.

Pop culture is on trial in this wickedly hilarious show hosted by the shameless Lewis Black.

Each episode pits two comedians against each other to make the case for which is worse – in this opening episode the subjects are Paris Hilton versus Dick Cheney. Other subjects include Las Vegas versus the Human Body and Oprah Versus the Catholic Church. And no matter who loses, Lewis always wins.

Each episode features the following: a fiery monologue by Black introducing the topics; ‘Opening Statements’ – comedians state their case; ‘Debate’ – comedians provide verbal and video evidence to bolster their case and try to debunk each other’s theories; ‘Inquisition’ – Black grills the comedians; ‘Ripple of Evil’ – comedians predict the dire consequences that will ensue if their evil is left unchecked; ‘Closing Statements’ – comedians hit their message home; and ‘Final Verdict’ – Black renders his decision.

This week it is Paris Hilton versus Dick Cheney – which is worse? – Sure, Dick Cheney shot a guy in the face, but Paris Hilton recorded ‘Stars are Blind’. Is it a bad foreign policy or a bad sex tape that is most socially repugnant? To decide, Greg Giraldo and Patton Oswalt go head-to-head in the court of the honourable judge Lewis Black, the ultimate evaluator of evil.

10:20pm Tuesday, 6 December ABC2


  1. Lew is my favourite comedian! I’ve always wondered how his mainly US political satire style would translate to Aussies.

    Caution… he does yell a fair bit. Hilarious!

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