TEN: first week of summer

It's a Knockout, Merlin, Terra Nova, Ringer, and the Free to Air premiere of The Glades will air in TEN's first week of summer.

TEN has now released its programming for the first week of summer.

First run content includes the premiere of It’s a Knockout, plus Merlin, Terra Nova, Ringer, Tour of Duty: Australia’s Secret War, Recruits Paramedics, Keeping Up With The Joneses and the Free to Air premiere of The Glades starring Australia’s Matt Passmore.

TEN will also replay Offspring from the telemovie pilot, which is a smart way of attracting a new audience to the show.

It will also include the final episode of Good News World -the last ever?

NB: Current programming info does not detail NCIS: LA and Law & Order: S.V.U as repeats but these are presumably errors.

Sunday Nov 27
6:30 pm Merlin
7:30 pm It’s A Knockout
8:30 pm Terra Nova
9:30 pm Ringer
10:30 pm NCIS: Los Angeles

Mon Nov 28
6:30 pm The Project
7:30 pm Tour of Duty: Australia’s Secret War (special)
8:30 pm The Glades
9:30 pm Telemovie: Offspring rpt

Tue Nov 29
7:30 pm Modern Family rpt
8:00 pm Rules Of Engagement
8:30 pm NCIS: Los Angeles rpt
09:30 pm Offspring rpt
10:30 pm Good News World (final)

Wed Nov 30
7:30 pm Glee rpt
8:30 pm Hawaii Five-O rpt
9:30 pm Offspring rpt

Thu Dec 1
7:30 pm Recruits Paramedics
8:00 pm Keeping Up With The Joneses
8:30 pm Law & Order: S.V.U
9:30 pm Offspring rpt

Fri Dec 2
7:30 pm Jamie’s Great Britain
8:30 pm Friday Night Movie
10:30 pm Sailing: World Championship Preview
11:30 pm The Late Show With David Letterman

Sat Dec 3
6:30 pm TBA
7:30 pm TBA
8:30 pm TBA
11:00 pm Movie

31 Responses

  1. yes it is a great idea for ten to be airing offspring, its a show i always wanted to get into but missed so many eps in between and i’m one of those that if i miss a few i wont watch the rest of the series.

  2. I hope TEN is continuing to show new episodes of Rules of Engagement. It is a great show.
    And I hope TEN also brings back Good News Week in the old format too.
    And also looking forward to It’s A Knockout.

  3. not much there for my liking. in my opinion i am looking forward to the hopman cup hopefully live, although i will not be holding my breath. Maybe we will get the NBL Finals series live and exclusive on ONE, the rest if borring.

  4. So with TEN still showing new content.. I guess that proves they can still make money during the non ratings survey portions of the year. If so why haven’t they done this from the start.

    Surely putting something on that might be very good numbers, compared to what the competition is serving up, which will bring in revenue is much more important than being concerned whether or not they officially come 2nd, 3rd or even 4th! throughout the year. Or am I wrong??

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