Reality TV tops Google’s most-searched shows for 2011

Reality television shows dominated the television shows that Australians search for in 2011.

TV Tonight can reveal that The X Factor was the most-searched TV show in Google in 2011.

Nine’s plans for Big Brother look promising, ranking as #2 without even being on air yet.

Offspring was the top Drama in Google searches.

In International results, American Idol topped the list with Supernatural fans pushing their show into second place. Survivor fans are also a devoted bunch.

In some ways the results contradict television ratings which had The Block on top and poor results for The Renovators.

X Factor
Big Brother 2012
Logies 2011
Amazing Race Australia
Australia’s Got Talent
Celebrity Apprentice

American Idol
X Factor U.S.
Survivor Redemption Island
Survivor South Pacific


  1. The focus point for me and my partner is pretty much getting exciting for the unexpected event show of Big Brother and on channel 9 and how everything will turn out and how good or… how bad the show really was made this time round.

    Really though it seems like channel 9 is getting excitement for later in 2012. channel 9 is aware they going to have a young audience tune in everydays to watch big brother daily show and that it will be the major point just after the olympic games. I also hear channel 9 are drawing out a few of thier sports events such as rugby where ch10 wants it. Im guesing this will be alittle more space in between more of big brother hourly show soon. Otherwise no room for even anything on tv nowdays.

    I dont look at anything els but just wait pationaly for big brother on channel 9. Tho who can never forget that big brother series 1 was one of the very best ever one in history in australian television. after that we allready new what was going to happen. But this time we wont no what might happen but still we might know sort of what might happen.. such as someone getting evicted perhaps. Happy for channel 9 indeed thank you ch9 for brining big brother but hope it wont be a boring one to watch.

  2. Would suspect most of renovators searches was also done prior to show airing with publicity overload. The block is a known quantity and only hardened fans really care what colour mr and mrs wannabe painted the skirting in the study so no real suprises there.

  3. I watch Dexter, Misfits and Supernatural online. Great to see them ranking strong in the search results

    Interesting to note there’s only one crime procedural there – Castle.

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