Sitcoms on ONE

What plays on ELEVEN stays on ELEVEN. Except when it moves to ONE?

Subtle changes are being made to ONE with classic sitcoms Get Smart and MASH being added.

MASH joins from 6pm Monday with Get Smart at 6:30pm.

Jeopardy! moves back to 4pm.

Given that Get Smart has previously aired on ELEVEN, where does this leave that promise that “What plays on ELEVEN stays on ELEVEN?”

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  1. To everyone out there, The main digital channels are there to get most of the viewers so that’s why networks put repeats on the 2nd & 3rd digital channels. If only 5% of people watch those channels the networks are happy with that.

    Seven / Nine / TEN – most viewing

    7TWO / 7mate / GO! / GEM / ONE-HD / ELEVEN – there only for those viewers to watch if something on main channels don’t like. They only want up 5% of total viewers watching these channels.

  2. To those people bagging the free to air digital channels. The purpose of those channels is to get a 3 to 5% audience share that’s all they want. There not to make big ratings so they hope that most will watch the main free to air channel. Channel 9 – GO! / GEM (Channel 9 main channel)
    Channel 7 – 7TWO / 7mate (Ch 7 main channel)
    Channel 10 – ONE-HD / ELEVEN (Ch 10 main channel)

  3. I don’t think Get Smart was on Eleven for long was it? If I recall GO! still had the rights to most of the eps, so very few were played on Eleven.
    Ten now obviously have the rights to it all so are moving it to One.
    It’s one show, and an old one at that. Overall Eleven has done a very good job of maintaining shows on it and forming its own brand.

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