Sunrise to broadcast from Antarctica

Kochie will have a chilly start to his days next week, as Sunrise broadcasts Live from Antarctica.

Sunrise will attempt a first next week when David Koch co-hosts live from Antarctica.

Kochie will take-off from Hobart live during next Tuesday’s broadcast and fly to Casey Station.

He will then co-host Sunrise on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from the ice, meeting the locals who live and work there and getting close to the wildlife (cue the “Moves Like Jagger” music?).

“Antarctica is the most extraordinary place on earth,” said Koch. “The millions of penguins… the whales… the extraordinary role Australians play and the incredible work they do there… it is simply mind-blowing.”

Executive Producer Michael Pell said months of planning has gone into the event.

“Broadcasting Live from Antarctica is no easy feat. But that’s what Sunrise is all about – pushing the boundaries. And this is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. Coldplay will perform live and exclusive on Friday’s show, plus we’re giving away $100,000 to viewers across the week.”

Sunrise is claiming the live broadcast as an Aussie TV first, and while there was a single cross from Davis Base during 1988’s landmark Australia Live celebrations, it’s fair to say nothing of this magnitude has been attempted before.

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  1. I agree i hope they leave Koch down there!
    Maybe he can be their Antarctica Correspondent and they can cross live to him any time anything happens down there….. which is probably never.
    We can only wish!!

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