Returning: Chuck

Chuck returns to screens next week for its fifth and final season.

Chuck returns to screens next week for its fifth and final season -still, that’s quite a few runs on the board for such an unassuming show.

This high-concept action comedy follows Chuck Bartowski as the Buy More computer geek turned secret agent. When Chuck unwittingly downloads a database of government information and deadly fighting skills into his head, he becomes the CIA’s most vital secret. This sets Chuck on a path to become a full-fledged spy, assisted by the stoic Colonel John Casey; Chuck’s best friend, Morgan Grimes; and the CIA’s top agent — and now Chuck’s wife — Sarah Walker. With the help of this unlikely team and his unorthodox techniques, Chuck is ready to take Operation Bartowski freelance. Chuck’s spy abilities will be put to a new test when he and his team must save mankind without the help of the CIA. Instead, they’ll use the cover of the Buy More electronics store to fund their own operations, leading to new missions, new stakes and new obstacles. With Chuck and Sarah as newlyweds and his family in on his secret, it has never been harder for Chuck to separate his spy life from his personal life. Featuring an amazing ensemble cast and action unlike anything else on television, there is no mission too impossible for Chuck.

Wednesdays from March 21 at 7.30pm on FOX8.

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  1. just thought the final was a easy way to end it , leaving it open for other projects / the show coming back etc , loved the final season but the final eps were majorly disapointing for me after being a fan of the show from day one .. just think they could have tried a bit harder

  2. @MuchoTB – ITA with the whole obsessed fans when it comes to Chuck. Reading some of the forums after the last ep aired some fans were so upset at how it ended. It was like get a grip it’s a TV show dude. I loved it as I said and I liked the final, it’s always hard to wrap up a show after 5 years even if you go into the final season knowing it’s the last.

    I enjoyed it for many reasons, including the number for famous guest stars throughout the shows run. And hope they do get around to a movie at some point. Hey if Arrested Development can get a movie after this long then anything it possible!

  3. @ MuchoTB

    I’m glad I largely missed those comments because I didn’t even know about the show until Brandon Routh was on it. Was that around 2009? This was before it aired on GO! and that’s why I wanted to watch it. Plus I heard Adam Baldwin was in it.

    I kinda do know about the fans from last year with TVByTheNumbers. But why let some extremists ruin your entertainment? Also you are missing out on some fun guest roles by famous people. Like Gary Cole, Scott Bakula, Chevy Chase, Linda Hamilton, Carrie-Anne Moss and Timothy Dalton. Some of them I’ve yet to see. I’ll admit I haven’t watched Reaper. But I harbour no hatred towards it.

  4. I found there were more than a few similarities between the two. Both featured the main character with secret powers/missions (Chuck with the Intersect, Sam with the vessels) while working at crap jobs (Chuck working at the Buy More, Sam at the Work Bench)

    Both featured a circle of friends, although Sock and Ben knew Sam’s secret while no one knew Chuck’s until the later seasons, both premiered in the same month, and both were a mix of comedy/drama featuring slacker-type characters in the lead role. Tonally, they were also quite similar. I watched all of Chuck’s first season waiting for it to get good but it just didn’t appeal to me…the main things I found lacking were the supporting characters apart from Sarah and Casey.

    JMO though. There’s no doubt it was a very popular show within a very fringe group, the main reason it annoyed me was because the fans were obsessive bordering on hysterical. If you review any of the TVBytheNumbers archives on Chuck’s ratings or comments on Chuck articles on EW.com and TVLine you’ll see what I mean

  5. I was a fan of this show from day one, it’s fun with a good mix of drama, comedy and romance all wrapped in with a geek taking the lead as a spy, what’s not to love?

    Yes I agree it’s now for everyone, I hear there are some that don’t like The Big Bang Theory.

    Reaper (Another show I liked) ended for many reasons but mostly the ratings just weren’t there, even for the CW.

    As for the final of Chuck, not everyone is going to like it but Zach recently did an interview with Ausiello and they are looking at doing a TV movie at some point.

  6. @ MuchoTB

    I don’t see why you need to associate Chuck and Reaper together as they weren’t with the same network. Chuck was on NBC and Reaper The CW for anyone curious. I suspect the reason Reaper wasn’t renewed was because the person running The CW wanted female skewing shows at the time. But that’s a guess based on other shows I’ve loved and worried about.

    I’ll admit Chuck isn’t for everyone but I love it for what it is. Not as much as some.I acknowledge there’s nothing I can say that will get anyone to love it.

  7. I dislike this show, can see why it never became a hit. Like ‘Fringe’, the only reason it got renewed so much was because the very few people who do watch it, are extremely passionate bordering on obsessive.

    I especially got annoyed by the characters of Morgan, Jeffster and that other weird guy who worked at the Buy More. A shame Reaper only lasted two seasons while this has lasted five

  8. Can’t wait for it to start! I have been on the edge of my seat ever since Zach Levi started posting status’/tweets regarding the final season and the finale (which aired a couple of months ago). Look forward to seeing how they decide to end it!

  9. Love this show, it’s a shame it wasn’t better in the ratings but still worth the watch in the final season.

    FYI there are hopes of a movie at some point but isn’t that the case with a lot of shows now?

  10. Thanks David. I hope everyone that can see this will enjoy it.

    I don’t suppose anyone knows if GO! will show season 3 and/or 4 this year? If they do: one episode a week would probably be best as I’ve said before. Especially if it’s around 11.30pm Mondays.

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