Airdate: Inside the Titanic

This dramatised documentary from the BBC analyses exactly how the water sank the Titanic.

Ahead of Seven’s Titanic miniseries, it will air the second of two documentaries on the famed wreck, Inside the Titanic.

This one screens at 9pm on Sunday, the 100th anniversary of its sinking.

The Julian Fellows-scripted drama will begin with two episodes at 8:30pm Wednesday April 18th.

Words of the Titanic also screens tomorrow night at 10:30pm.

The sinking of the Titanic was the biggest maritime disaster in history and continues to fascinate as the 100th anniversary approaches. Now, for the first time, this definitive and dramatised documentary from the BBC reveals what happened from the point of view of the killer itself: the water. When the luxury liner went down, 1,517 passengers and crew died. Everybody on board was fooled by the water, a devious and unstoppable killer. Sometimes it crept unseen, at other times it roared. Hear stories told through reconstruction of eye witness reports and drama interviews based on transcripts. By following the water, this compelling docudrama reveals exactly how the Titanic sank.

9pm Sunday April 15 on Seven.

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  1. To say that the Titantic was the biggest maritime disaster in history is not correct what about the Philippines 1987 where 4,341 persons lost there lives, there are at least 6 disasters worst than the Titantic. check out this web site.
    World war 2 there were 7,000 lost when the German liner Wilhelm Gustloff was torpedoed in the Baltic. Please check your facts

  2. I should look forward to this so what mini series of Titanic. Lets hope its not another typical error mistake. Note that there has been many mini series of titanic all the way since the 1950s believe it or not. And the most interesting part is.. each time they make it they learn alittle more new things about titanic and they will create in making a series.. I beleive this new series about to show today on channel 7 may still have some error mistakes because we all don’t fully now how did this broke or how did it landed in deep sea… i rekon as time goes by more and more new stuff we should always learn about. Its a very slow proccese. Titanic the movie 1997 there was a few errors. But now they now alittle more then 15 so what years ago. And perhaps it will take another so what 15 years from now to fully correct things.. So this means theres always going to be some minor errors in the making of documentries on titanic… titanic movies and titanic series… until oneday they will fully understand what happen 100% and not just 98% but at this stage we only now around 95% and this new series of titanic will not be a 100% acuraccy but it will be around in the 90s% of knowing what happen.

    David can you please tell me and the viewers on here if this is a 2 series together tonight on channel 7 or is this a part 1 tonight and part 2 tomorrow ? mini series considering to be a 2 parts within.

  3. Thanks again David. 🙂

    Although I hate the 9pm start time. I guess if nothing I’m interested is on I’ll be on the internet instead of watching TV. Or I might be watching something else after half an hour and miss the start or even all of it.

    That said I hope I can watch Words of the Titanic. Thank you once more for the reminder.

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