The Amazing Race Australia reveals next teams

The Amazing Race Australia has revealed eleven teams who will compete for $250,000 in the next series of the hit reality show.

The teams will travel more than 65,000 kilometres across four continents including new destinations never visited by any version of the race.

The mix includes Cops, Cousins, Cheerleaders, Workmates, and Hairdressers.

TVNZ has previously published additional information about the series (minor spoiler here).

Adam and Dane
Cousins – Qld & NSW
These fun-loving cousins grew up together in Tweed Heads and are determined to make their mark as the first indigenous team in the Race.

James and Sarah
Dating – Vic
The 9 year age difference between James, 23, and Sarah, 32, is something their friends and family sometimes find hard to overlook.

Joseph and Grace
Brother and sister – NSW
Sydney siblings Joseph and Grace still live together under the same roof, but these days they rarely spend much time together.

Kym and Donna
Engaged – Qld
Describing themselves as “a couple of old knuckleheads in love”, recently-engaged Kym and Donna have only been together for just over a year and are still finding it hard to keep their hands off each other.

Lucy and Emilia
Sisters – NSW
Larger-than-life Sydney sisters with a strong Italian heritage, Lucy and Emilia do everything together.

Michelle and Jo
Cheerleader twins – NSW
They may be bubbly, blonde cheerleaders, but these identical twins from Sydney are out to prove there’s more to them than meets the eye.

Paul and Steve
Workmates – Vic
These workmates from Victoria spend their days together and share a ruthless competitive edge, but that’s where the similarities end.

Ross and Tarryn
Father and Daughter – Vic
This father and daughter duo from Melbourne have experienced their share of sporting triumph, but will their competitive instincts be enough to help them win The Amazing Race Australia?

Shane and Andrew
Cops – Vic
These policemen from Melbourne may have very serious jobs as crime scene officers, but they love nothing more than having a laugh.

Sticky and Sam
Flatmates – Tas
Geoff, or “Sticky” to his mates, and Sam met at school in Launceston 12 years ago and have been best friends ever since.

Sue and Teresa
Hairdressers – WA
These hairdressers from Geraldton, Western Australia, think they may become the Earth mothers of the Race.

The show is expected to return in May.



  1. Too white? Grrr, that’s one thing I like about our society/shows. We’ve yet to stoop to the reverse racism of needing a white, black, latino and asian in every TV commercial or show. That to me is racist…

  2. Who are the female engaged couple?
    Kym & Donna are a male & female engaged couple according to the daily telegraph and the photos of the couples they have.

    • JM: That level of detail wasn’t available when I published the story, but I guess I should have checked. I was always taught Kym = female, Kim = male. Nobody from Seven corrected the story all day.

  3. Can’t wait for this to start.

    We wouldn’t have to worry about the “white as white bread” comments if the aboriginal guys could be seen in this shot.

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