RPA: June 6

Four more stories get the RPA treatment from Nine.

Tonight, Nine’s medical reality program RPA this week follows Sylvia’s journey to fulfil her dream of one day being able to walk, and former patient, Renee, who is still enduring the shock of discovering she has a large mass in her brain after a skiing accident.

Seven-year-old Sylvia has just one wish – to be able to walk. With a story reminiscent of Safari, RPA’s most memorable patient, this young African girl was severely burnt as an infant. Her injuries have left her unable to walk and for her whole life her parents have had to carry her everywhere she goes. In part two of her wonderful story doctors have decided to send her to The Children’s Hospital for her operation.

Twenty-six-year-old Erin arrives at RPA’s Emergency Department in severe pain and struggling to breathe. She is diagnosed with a rare condition that mainly strikes young women, and she learns that she has been dealt its full fury.

A scan uncovers a tumour on Cevat’s spine that threatens to crush his spinal cord. A risky operation is the only thing that will keep him out of a wheelchair – but the surgery reveals a shocking truth.

High-flying mum Renee featured on RPA last year after being told she had a brain tumour. Her diagnosis came as a huge shock. It was discovered during a routine scan after a skiing accident. One year on we catch up with a changed woman who has an extraordinary story to tell.

The RPA series is narrated by Australian actor and artist, Max Cullen.

Wednesday, June 6, at 9.30pm on Nine­.

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  1. It was at 9.30 but Nine in their infinite wisdom have put another repeat of BBT into the schedule which is why it has been pushed out so late. Why do we need to see repeats of shows scheduled before new content?

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