RPA: Aug 24

This week, part two of a story about a grandfather who has surgery to remove cancer at the base of his brain.

Tomorrow night RPA has its second part of a story involving a grandfather whose surgery to remove cancer at the base of his brain proves to be much more challenging than expected.

There are also three new patients who share their stories.

Harvey, 73, was first diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2006 and it has spread. Scans have revealed the cancer is now at the base of his brain. In part two of his incredible story the surgery to remove it is proving much more difficult than anticipated.

Tori, 17, plays representative touch football but an injury to her knee is threatening to keep her on the sidelines for some time. A visit to an orthopaedic surgeon confirms her fears: she needs major surgery to repair the damage.

Increasing breathlessness has led 50-year-old Irishman Kevin to visit a cardiologist. Four years ago he had his mitral valve replaced and now it needs repairing. Doctors hope to do it with a minimally invasive technique.

An ulcer on Bao’s tongue turns out to be a squamous cell cancer and the table tennis enthusiast faces major surgery to remove it. Her case is unusual because she doesn’t drink or smoke – two of the biggest causes of this kind of cancer.

The RPA series is narrated by Australian actor and artist, Max Cullen.

9:30pm Wednesday on Nine.

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