Emmy snubs

After the Emmy nominees were announced last night, what shows were largely (but maybe not completely) ignored?

Here’s a snapshot:

American Idol,
The Big C,
The Killing,
The Office,
The Simpsons,
American Dad,
Sons of Anarchy.

Any others?


  1. Psych.
    James Roday best actor, Dule Hill best supporting actor, best writing for a number of eps, anything.
    I know they would never win, but a nomination at least!

  2. I would just like to admit here and now (at the risk of being pilloried) that I think Family Guy and American Dad are sub-par, bottom of the barrell, unfunny trash!

    Phew that feels better!

  3. The one clear obivously snub is Southland. How on earth this show doesn’t get recognition is beyond me. It is one of the most well-written and well-directed shows on tv. Every episode is a fantastic ride and there simply isn’t anything like it on television. Regina King and Michael Cuditz should be nomianted as well. Honestly can’t take these seriously if shows like this get snubbed.

    Edie Falco over Laura Linney, get serious.

    Community may of got snubbed first two season but this season was up and down, don’t have an issue with it missing out.

    Suits is probably the other show I would like to see nomianted but I understand how that one missed out.

  4. One person. Sandra Oh. Sorry but how could she miss out on a nod. I could be a tad bias here but her work on Grey’s this season has been top notch. Better than any of those in the supporting categories. There are a lot of others and imo i think its time they split the categories up. Drama nominations for shows with 12 or so episodes or less for the season and ones with 13 episodes or more. Its a lot harder to produce a longer running drama than the luxury of the cable channels.

    Other snubs for me is obviously the leading ladies of Revenge in Emily Vancamp and Madeliine Stowe. Lea Michelle from Glee and Hugh Laurie from House. I guess even the Desperate Housewives ladies too could be in that mix. Anyway the Emmys are in the dark ages if you ask me. TV has moved forward in leaps and bounds while nothing has changed in the awards shows.

  5. I agree with nik c that Emily Van Camp should have been nominated for ‘Outstanding Actress – Drama’, and David Knox I couldn’t agree more that Smash should have been nominated as it was one of the best new shows this year. But in my opnion, half of the Emmy nominations and wins are always wrong in the opinion of the everyday viewers, but that is why there is the People’s Choice Awards as what we see differs from what the big shots see.

  6. Community doesn’t deserve squat. This season was a hot mess. Again The Closer misses out, as has Southland, which is one of the best acted and written shows on TV.

    Also, was Awake nominated? It was terribly good.

  7. Community’s one whole nomination (I think it was for writing for ‘Remedial Chaos Theory’?) is streets ahead of their previous total snubbing.

    How Danny Pudi can’t even get a look-in on best supporting actor is beyond me…

  8. The Walking Dead and True Blood deserve something.
    My first reaction though was poor Jeff. He always misses out but is one of the best hosts, and how come Survivor always gets snubbed?

    Thought Madeline Stowe would get a nom too.

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