Farewell Harry’s Law

The last-ever episode of Harry's Law will air this week on GEM.

The last-ever episode of Harry’s Law will air tomorrow night on GEM.

The David E. Kelley series starring Kathy Bates was not renewed for a third season.

“Onward and Upward”
Harry’s ex-husband is found dead with no one to claim the body, burdening her with planning the funeral which to her surprise stirs up more emotion than she anticipated.

It screens at 10:30pm on Tuesday and is repeated at 11:30pm on Wednesday.

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  1. Brilliant TV series that I’m hoping doesn’t end on a cliffhanger like most of the greats that aren’t renewed by their blind TV networks (e.g. Las Vegas, The Gates, Dollhouse, Life, etc.). If it does end on a cliffhanger, then NBC are truly idiots seems though they didn’t even like the series the first season, then when they saw the ratings it was getting they went in and dropped major cast members and made an entire new set – ruining what made the series great.

  2. Considering how badly 9’s treated this series, I can’t understand why thy’d repeat the last 2 episodes 25 hours after the original telecast.

    If you’ve got repeat rights, how about you start ’em at the beginning of series 2?

    What a bunch of buffoons…

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