Returning: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

New episodes of US comedy series It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia returns to Seven in a (very) late night slot but there are different episodes in different timeslots, depending on your state.

In Sydney and Brissy it returns 12:40am Friday August 31st (that’s Thursday night in case you weren’t sure) with the episode “Mac Fights Gay Marriage.”

Meanwhile in all states “Dennis Gets Divorced” airs at 12am Friday Sept 7th (Thursday).

Updated: “Mac Fights Gay Marriage” now airing  12am Friday Sept 7th (Thursday) everywhere.


  1. Master Cylinder

    Okay, so not only are Seven skipping a first part of a two part episode, they still insist on playing this show after midnight………

    Meanwhile, Mrs. Brown’s Boys still airing in primetime

  2. I remember 2-3 years ago when David asked readers to summit there fave summer viewing this and Parks & Recreation was high on the list screening back to back between 11-12 pm on a weeknight.
    What I don’t get the first 2 eps of this season airing on ch 7 (season 6) are linked so to airing “Dennis gets Divorced” in some states before or without screening “Mac Fights Gay Marriages” makes no sense.

  3. Remember the excitement leading up to multichanneling when we thought networks might actually use them to avoid ridiculous programming decisions like this? Can they really not find room in the schedule on 7, 7TWO, or 7Mate (where I think it would be right at home)??

    7 have to got to have the laziest, most incompetent programming directors of all where (4 hours of British comedy here, 3 hours of C-grade reality there) and it’s pretty ironic that primetime on 7mate consists of lazy 3 hour blocks of early Family Guy episodes they similiarly mistreated and buried in crappy timeslots over a decade ago.

  4. Hey, I’m not sure if I’m reading this wrong.. Does this mean we in Melbourne don’t get episode one? (When) will ‘Mac Fights Gay Marriage’ show in Melbourne?

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