Airdate: Micro Nation

ELEVEN has now scheduled new Aussie comedy project Micro Nation, a multiplatform interstitial which will be introduced by the boys on Couch Time and will run for approximately five minutes into Neighbours.

The cast includes Lliam Amor, Kit Brookman, David Collins, Dan Cordeaux, Rebecca De Unamuno, Harriet Dyer, Roz Hammond,  John Leary,  James Mackay,  Rowena Wallace and Jon Williams.

Micro Nation is the story of the forgotten island town of Pullamawang, and its young citizen Emma who desperately wants to leave.

When Australia federated in 1901, the island of Pullamawang forgot to mail in their paperwork, and they remained a separate country. Over the years, they’ve created their own customs and rules of government without anybody outside the town really noticing.

Cut to today, when the discovery of diamonds sends egos, aspirations, and greed skyrocketing. It all culminates in an explosion of nationalistic fervour as Pullamawang declares war on Australia.

Premieres  Monday 15 October at 6.25pm on ELEVEN.


  1. I was only too happy to see that those idiots were no longer on before neighbors started. Now, only to find this ridiculous little mini show is on. Seriously? What a stupid little show, a waste of money and time. Guaranteed the only reason it is getting views is because viewers and putting it on eleven to tune into neighbors, but have to put up with more crap. Eleven should really be embarrassed of some of the shows they air! Shame!

  2. What a pathetic waste of money. At least I got a laugh every night with Labby and Stav. I didnt watch this show last week due to being away and after todays show there’s 5 minutes I wont be getting back. seeya later Ch11 much latter. I leave the misses to watch Neighbours on her own.
    Back to 7 & 9 for me.

  3. @stevie g: basically means it’s a space filler.

    Interesting concept for Eleven to give a try. Is it going to be 6:25pm weeknights or just every Monday?

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