SKY News to open Hobart base

SKY News will open a bureau in Hobart from January 26th.

SKY News will open a bureau in Hobart from January 26th.

The Mercury revealed it base will be in its own offices in Salamanca Square, alongside the Sunday Tasmanian and Australian Associated Press.

“We’re really pleased to be extending our news coverage with a dedicated live news centre based in Hobart serving all Tasmanians,” Australian News Channel chief executive Angelos Frangopoulos said.

“Tasmania plays an important role on the national political stage and we look forward to contributions from the state across all our political programs.

“Across the SKY News channels we have the time to give Tasmanian political and business leaders the opportunity to contribute live commentary into the national debate.

“As Australia’s first 24-hour television news service, SKY News is committed to bringing Tasmanian state affairs and issues on to the national stage.”

Premier Lara Giddings welcomed the move, saying, “In the past we have seen SKY News take an active interest in Tasmania during election time but there are many more stories that will now be told by having a permanent presence in the capital.”

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  1. I wonder what Bruce Gordon thinks of this. Sky News already makes good use of the material produced by his Perth and Adelaide bureaus, why not Hobart as well?

    The ABC cuts have mainly related to production of programs that don’t feature Tasmania much.

    Tasmanians should also not forget that they have a few less people in their state than the Gold Coast. It is arguably undemocratic for the ABC to give them state based anything while the Gold Coast doesn’t get it’s own ABC programming.

  2. This is good news coming at a time when the ABC has dumped the bulk of its Tasmanian tv production team. Local windows are important. Mark Scott take note!

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