Extra channel timeshifted by Nine

2013-03-28_2325Nine has launched a second datacasting channel, Extra 2 (Channel 95).

Extra 2 is s two-hour timeshifted version of Extra, which currently screens mostly home shopping titles including Shark Steam Pocket Mop, Brainetics, Dr Ho’s Pain Therapy System, Derma Wand and Ab Rocket Twister.


  1. I’d like to offer another perspective to the previous arguments. I actually work on Extra and although I agree with some of the comments for me it’s a job. It pays my mortgage and supports my family.
    Certainly it wouldn’t be my channel of choice at home but it’s important to my life.

  2. I totally agree with Secret Squirrel. When digital started most 1hr shows took up <3G on the drive. Now some can be as low as 1.8G pathetic.

    Now it's 3G for 1hr20mins. I had a ep of The Good Wife take up 3110MB for 1hr!! But that was then..

    Even ONE and the others HD FTA channels are 1440x1080i with is a 4:3 format not a 16:9 format!

    Wasn't it all supposed to be in16:9 and Widescreen?

    Check out CSI Miami the picture is stretched in the vertical and everyone has long heads, duhh all wrong. Luckily with my main PVR I can alter the height down to 90% and set the TV to Just Scan so everything looks normal. It's amazing how much the networks Overscan everything!

  3. These channels fit under the datacasting rules. Alston though that TV was a better medium for transmitting digital data than the internet so Datacasting was hailed as one of the great reasons to switch to digital TV.

    I foolishly forgot to update so when I switched over to Nine to watch TBBT it triggered a rescan so I missed 5 minutes.

    I have now deleted the channel, along will all the other silly channels which were reloaded, so I just have the 13 I watch.

  4. muscledude_oz

    This is stupid. If they want to time-shift a channel, why not the main one. As for home shopping, I don’t want to see it at all. When I had Foxtel I asked if I could delete the home shopping channels from my service as I resented paying to watch channels that I didn’t want and were costing me extra money, especially since all their other channels were full of ads. They said that wasn’t possible and I just had to cough up the extra money.

  5. I agree with all the whys? If this not a breech of their licence obligations it damn well should be. I could understand a 2 hour time shift of the Channel 9 broadcast but who is going to watch a delayed repeat of a shopping channel? Just wait a few more hours & it will be back on. How many more steam mops & ab crunchers can they sell?

  6. Sunday Night on Extra2
    6:30 The Tom Waterhouse SharkVac Fitness-Pro
    7:30 The Tom Waterhouse~Black Caviar Snuggie
    8:30 Tom Waterhouse reveals how Pro-Active changed the way he looks.

  7. Just more “cyber-squatting” or “spectrum squatting”, I would guess, in the expectation/anticipation of the next Communuications minister being Turnbull after Conroy goes….

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