Late List: February results

2013-03-04_1603Here are the latest results of TV Tonight‘s Late List trial, a crowd-sourcing destination for you to name the shows that never start on time.

There were 58 entries in February from readers.

Seven: 25
Nine: 18
TEN: 14
Other: 1

Amongst the entries filed were:

The Mentalist Advertised time: 8:30pm / Actual: 8:42pm
Downton Abbey Advertised time: 8:30pm / Actual: 8:37pm
Elementary Advertised time: 8:30pm / Actual: 8:38pm
Castle Advertised time: 9:40pm / Actual: 9:46pm
Last Resort Advertised time: 8:40pm / Actual: 8:46pm
Revenge Advertised time: 8:45pm / Actual: 8:51pm
Raising Hope Advertised time: 8:00pm / Actual: 8:07pm

Some readers indicated their EPG advertised a new Big Bang Theory for 8:30pm when it played at 8pm.

You can file an entry here.

NB: The Late List is a crowd-sourcing trial and is not scientifically conducted. It relies on the trust of readers to resource information.


  1. In Sydney DA has been listed at 8:40pm in The Guide, except for the first week when they moved it from 8:30 to 8:38pm at the last minute too late to appear in listings. The online guides said the same thing.

    That 8:30pm listing in The Green Guide looks like it was just a typo.

  2. Eleven do themselves a disservice by starting Raising Hope late. When I see onthe EPG that it will clash with the start of New BBT, I just don’t watch it.

  3. The starting times for “8.30pm” shows this week:
    Sunday: Seven – 8:45pm, Nine – 8:41pm, Ten – 8:38pm.
    Monday: Seven – 8:49pm, Eleven- 8:45pm, Nine – 8:35pm
    Tonight (EPGS): Seven 8:52pm, Ten – 8:37pm, Nine – 8:35pm

    Channel 9 first tried starting shows late close to Channel 7, then starting them at ~8:32pm before Seven. This week they settled on a middle strategy. On Sunday they pushed The Mentalist as late as they could without updating EPG to inflate its overnight figures.

    On Monday they started TBBT at 8:34pm and POI at 8:36pm (both 1m before the EPG). They beat Revenge for the first time, and also beat HIMYM almost caught Seven for the night. Running shows late also allows them to move more ads into their most popular shows.

    So the networks that start shows on time lose viewers and money. So they aren’t going to stop doing this unless they they are all forced to by regulation.

  4. When I mention the EPG clock I mean the one you see when you look it up. Not the EPG listing itself because they mentioned different times either one to a few minutes out.

  5. I know last week’s Green Guide listed Downton Abbey at 8.30pm and the one for this week was at 8.40pm. Although the TV ads mentioned them starting at 8.40pm. They strangely both started around 8.44pm according to two clocks which included the one used for the EPG. That wasn’t as upsetting as Castle starting after 9.50pm. Especially as I was exhausted last week. So wasn’t a happy camper about it.

    I’ll just say I do like that they play double episodes of Castle. They get that right.

  6. Ten have improved quite a bit, None somewhat, but Seven still treat the viewers with complete disregard.

    It’s true that the EPG is more or less accurate for most stations now, if only we’d get more than one day of future EPG accuracy from the commercial stations. It’s possible, all broadcasts are distributed on digital media, so exact runtimes are known days or weeks out.

  7. TEN have been getting their start times right according to the EPG. 7 and 9 are not getting the message. People should really go what EPG tells them

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