New hosts for Toasted TV

RMB_1316ELEVEN cartoon brand Toasted TV is getting new hosts in Ollie and Jono.

They will replace Kellyn Morris and Seamus Evans who have decided to move on.  A spokesperson says Kellyn is moving to the UK, and Seamus will move to Adelaide.

ELEVEN says it has searched the country for a new comedy duo and these chatty boys will bring chemistry as they cover everything from pop culture and movie reviews to cartoons and competitions.

“Follow Ash’s ongoing quest to become Pokémon Master, check out the rebooted Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in 3D and find out what those robots in disguise are up to in Transformers Prime. It is a show where anything crazy can happen and it usually does, especially if Ollie and Jono have anything to do with it,” a Press Release says.

Toasted TV also plans to step up “getting up close and personal with the Toasters via social media, Toasted on-the-road and comedy sketches in an edgier and more interactive entertainment program.

Toasted TV airs every morning from 6am on ELEVEN.


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