Election candidates to lobby Big Brother housemates

2013-08-15_0018EXCLUSIVE: In an Australian Big Brother first, housemates are set to hear from federal election candidates and will be forced to lodge postal votes while they are still in the Big Brother house.

A Southern Star spokesperson has confirmed to TV Tonight that Clive Palmer and the Greens will record campaign videos next week to be screened to the Big Brother housemates.

Producers are still negotiating with Tony Abbott’s team for an opportunity in his schedule but surprisingly, but the “selfie” PM Kevin Rudd is proving to be camera shy.

“What the others have identified is that the young demographic of audience we reach on Big Brother is the hardest to hit in campaign trails so it’s a great chance to speak to that audience through the Big Brother Housemates. It should be fascinating to see how we can cover discussion of politics with this group,” they said.

It’s the first time in 10 seasons of the series that housemates have been inside the house during a Federal Election campaign. That puts the show in a rare position of being able to trigger some conversations about key election issues.

Executive Producer Alex Mavroidakis said, “They’ve all registered to vote, other than Jade who isn’t on the Electoral Roll. I don’t know if that’s because she wasn’t born in Italy and hasn’t registered yet. But they have all registered for Postal Votes and their ballot papers will arrive.”

Given the unique situation, the reality show is yet to work out how the vote will be covered on the show.

“At some point we will let them know the election has been announced and at some point we will call them all in to vote. I don’t know the legalities of it yet, but I would love to make some TV out of it,” says Mavroidakis.

“I’d love to get recorded messages from Rudd and Abbott.”

No word if the housemates are planning to evict KRudd on nominations night.


  1. Don’t you vote for your local representative, not the leader? If they were to do this ‘properly’ they’d be bringing in the candidates from each of the various electorates the housemates come from – we don’t get a say on who the parties elect as their leader!

    Also, I hope that while everyone else is filling out a postal votes, Jade is filling out a cheque to pay for her fine.

  2. I had wondered how they were going to vote… they could just all go in the chamber/diary room and vote individually, we wouldn’t have to see who they are voting just where they would be voting..

    as for Jade…. is she a citizen? that makes a difference….

  3. Can we just lock all the honourable Queenslanders like Rudd, Hanson, Katter, Palmer, Slipper, and Dowling in the Big Brother house and throw away the key?

  4. “They’ve all registered to vote, other than Jade who isn’t on the Electoral Roll. I don’t know if that’s because she wasn’t born in Italy…”

    Why is being born in Italy important for enrollment to vote in Australia?

    Like most people who don’t in enroll, she probably figures they can’t fine her if they can’t find her.

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