Hands up if you think Big Brother threw Drew & Jade under the bus?

2013-08-05_2211Did Big Brother throw ‘newlyweds’ Jade and Drew under the bus? Pretty much.

Having lumbered them with the challenge of faking a marriage a week ago, Big Brother initially told them if they could fool their housemates into believing the sham they would be immune from nominations. But if any housemate came to the Diary Room to question their authenticity the jig was up and they would be automatically nominated.

So why on earth did he put the notion to their fellow housemates last night, bringing them to the Diary Room and asking how many of them disbelieved “Drade” was a real couple?

Talk about egging them on. Only Matt and Ben believed they were authentic (and likely to win more fans as a result).

As the pair had survived a week without anybody fronting the Diary Room then that’s a pass in my book.









Meanwhile 3 “latecomers” joined the party last night. Melbourne student Rohan, who has Indian heritage and is a part-time actor, and two blonde, spray-tanned Perth sisters Katie and Lucy. Did they think this was The Shire?


  1. Low blow by BB definitely.
    Cash grab by BB? Since you vote to save this year if you want to save Drew or Jade you need to spend and therefore BB gets more cash.

  2. @ricoz – You say if people don’t agree with what Big Brother did then don’t vote Jade & Drew out, but the fact is people will probably have to vote for them so that they do stay! If no-ones votes for them then one of them will be gone assuming it is vote to save like last year where those with the least votes go.

    @daveinprogress – Depends what you mean by most irritating. This irritating that another housemate does may be entertaining to some and so they’ll vote for them assuming is it vote to save instead of vote to evict.

  3. big brother should have given Drew and Jade more time to get to know each other.

    the show is shit, boring and is the same crap every year. unemployed actors enter a house 1 wins we don’t hear of half of them ever again the rest get jobs in radio a lucky couple get a tv gig.

  4. Also, the blondes would have been more of a twist if BB made them fool the housemates into thinking there was only one of them (i.e. one hides while the other appears)

  5. @goffy, from what I could tell, Heidi wasn’t definitive about her suspicions to BB on air. But yeah, I agree we’re not to know who else vented in the diary room, and BB’s handling was clumsy.

  6. The Other Adam

    BB definitely turned everyone suss, it was only 1 girl at first who was adamant about it when BB asked… Then a guy… then the rest after BB kept pushing….


    (Sorry don’t know names, this was the first episode I’ve seen)

  7. Though everyone at some point had questioned it, Heidi even went to BB and said she had thought they weren’t a couple, and I hardly think she would have been the only one. There was no way they passed the task, just the way BB did it was messy.

  8. I reckon last night broke the spell for a lot of viewers, who were already agitated by the stupid halfway house and deflated by all the non-twists. Now they’re just plain insulted.

  9. Big Brother definitely threw Jade and Drew under the bus. The alarming part is that one of them could end up going home while the unbearable twins remain in the house. Tim and Tully need to go home asap and take the twins with them.

  10. This is just wrong. BB broke his own rules! If this article and Twitter is anything to go by, Drade have the publics support and should be able to evade eviction, but the point is they shouldn’t have been up in the first place!

  11. Couldn’t agree more, the rule was that someone had to go in the diary room of their own free will and question the marriage, but no one did so I reckon Drade passed the test.

  12. With the 2 sisters if I was in the house I would be trying so hard to separate them by 3 metres to disqualify them. If they were back in their parents homeland they would be on Geordie Shore…What is it about Brits & spray tans? Is it the lack of sunshine?
    If Big Brother was serious he would have sent in an actual married couple to fool them. Drew & Jade couldn’t keep their stories straight.

  13. Oh please, Jade threw herself and Drew under the bus by blatantly saying she would love to marry someone 6foot tall with big muscles.

    None of he housemates believed them, apart from Matt and Ben which was obvious from the show last night.

    Plus its TV David, if they had passed the task everyone would have said that BB rigged it anyway. Can’t win.

    I’m sure the pair will be fine and neither will be evicted this week at least.

    Drade forever!

  14. carolemorrissey

    Yeah, I thought that too. Yeah, there was some discussion among some of the house mates, but they had to go to the diary room and tell Big Brother. They only did that when he asked them to. I read on Twitter on Sunday afternoon that Big Brother had informed them that it was fake, and assumed it meant they had passed.

  15. daveinprogress

    Spot on, David. BB played loose with his own truth. Depending on which most irritating get nominated along side jade and drew; the former fake lovebirds will probably be safe anyway.

  16. Glad I’m not the only one who thought that was really poor form. BB is at its worst when it overtly steers the contestants to the drama, rather than throwing a rock in the pond and letting it reverberate naturally.

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