Logies 2014: who missed out?

Kris McQuade, Elisabeth Moss, Mad as Hell, and Gruen -who else missed out this year?

2014-04-05_0157Now that all names but the Hall of Fame recipient are on the table for the Logie Awards, I thought I would again look over who missed out on a nomination.

There are some very worthy candidates across both the Outstanding and Popular categories and I wish them all well.

But I’m still trying to work out how Elisabeth Moss can win a Golden Globe for Top of the Lake and an Emmy nomination but can’t even score a nomination here. It doesn’t really add up. Wentworth‘s Nicole da Silva won the ASTRA‘s Actress Award two weeks ago but also wasn’t nominated.

It’s unthinkable that Kris McQuade was overlooked in this category. She was sensational in Wentworth.

I would also suggest Hien Nguyen (Better Man), Kate Atkinson (Wentworth), Leah Purcell (Redfern Now), Michelle Vergara Moore (The Time of our Lives) and Robyn Nevin (Upper Middle Bogan) -not even considered for Top of the Lake.

Sheridan Smith won a BAFTA for Mrs. Biggs but was also not on the voting form. Neither was Marie Bunel for An Accidental Soldier.

I find it hard to believe Ernie Dingo was overlooked for Redfern Now. He was amazing. No sign of Wayne Blair either.

Peter Mullan won an ASTRA for Top of the Lake, but missed out here. No nods also for William McInnes (The Time of our Lives), Garry McDonald (Offspring), or Patrick Brammall (Power Games: The Packer-Murdoch Story, Upper Middle Bogan). Luke Ford also won an AACTA for Power Games.

At the risk of making the ceremony even longer, maybe we need some awards for supporting actors?

Missing out in the TV Presenter category were Andrew Winter (Selling Houses Australia), Daniel Macpherson (Dancing with the Stars), Neil Oliver (Coast Australia), Paul Murray (Paul Murray Live), Sarah Harris (Studio 10), Todd Sampson (Redesign my Brain) and Wil Anderson (Gruen Planet, Gruen Nation). Hard to nominate Shaun Micallef when he wasn’t even submitted.

In the Drama stakes I thought A Place to Call Home was robbed in the Most Popular Drama category, while Winners and Losers was a surprise inclusion -but at least it got a nod in Outstanding Drama (it won’t win there). Wentworth should have also been in Most Popular, clearly suffering from its 30% Foxtel penetration with voters.

Should we be concerned that The Voice and X Factor are Light Entertainment, while The Block gets two entries in Reality and another in Lifestlye? Recount please. That said, X Factor was Xcellent last year.

Grand Designs Australia should have got a nod in Most Popular Lifestyle. River Cottage Australia was also outstanding.

I loved Harrison Feldman as the kid in Upper Middle Bogan, but he missed out on the Newcomer category, now merged from two categories to one. Otherwise the Graham Kennedy Award has some good names in contention.

Two Gruens missed out on two categories. Phooey to that. Where was Mad as Hell? Studio at the Memo on Foxtel was also a nice new entry, but lucked out for Light Entertainment.

Of course, these omissions make me sound like I am whinging. But while I’ve previously joked that it’s a bit of an Aussie tradition to have a love / hate affair with the Logies, I also want to acknowledge its legacy of 56 years of awards.

Nothing else comes close to that.


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  1. I agree it’s a pity that costume and set designers aren’t recognised with a category of their own. Dr Blake, Miss Fisher, Puberty Blues, Love Child, A Place To Call Home, are all good examples of outstanding costume and set design.

  2. agree that something needs to be done. Could the Logies have another awards to give out the so-called ”less popular awards” like what the AACTA’s do with their Luncheon?

    Logies could hand out Childrens, Lifestyle program awards, and to those people behind the scenes (costume, producers, writers etc).

  3. The Logies needs to have a complete makeover, or at least create a new award night that is more prestiges with a different name .

    The ‘Most Popular’ Awards needs to be scrapped. We need to keep the outstanding awards, but also add supporting actor and actress. They could also add most outstanding guest role as well.

    It’s also a shame that the directors, writers, costume + set designers don’t have categories like they do with the Emmy awards. They are the people who need to be recognised more often.

    In a seperate ceremony they could present awards for sound editing, music, make up, hairstyles, children’s programs, and all the technical side for tv shows, similar to what they do in the USA before the emmys. This is called the Emmy’s Creative Arts Awards.

    Yes I know we don’t have a big industry like America, but it is quite strong at the moment.

  4. Indeed, progress is slow. It just seems there is duplication that is excessive in the lifestyle, reality, sports, in both outstanding and popular categories. So much so it is confusing in the telecast when they mix them up and you don’t know what you’ve just seen. If they are sincere about celebrating all that the industry offers, they could have a ‘awards given earlier’ section – relegate some of the lesser tv friendly categories and focus on star power – that is what they want! I remember one of my executive producers when our show was nominated that he needn’t worry about getting up if we won as they actively discouraged producers on stage. There is still a lot of scripted television – it should play a larger part in the show. And no more token import singers!

  5. David you are a high profile and respected journalist; why do you not lobby (unless you already do) the Logies organisers to look at their acting categories. To only have one male and one female acting prize peer voted means 5 have to be squeezed and shared among soaps, drama series, mini series, specials and comedy narratives. Ridiculous! It also means they have apples and pears comparing to one another. The panels deciding them are pretty small as well; making the process even less representative of quality. The Penguin awards used to honour a ‘sustained performance’ in a series – that would suit the long form series; and allowed the shorter run performances – in mini series or maxi series to compete separately

    1. Organisers and producers read this blog. They can see the views expressed by both myself and readers. Running time is crucial here, with categories already axed this year. You would remember last year I wrote lengthy pieces on the Newcomer category restoring the spirit of an industry award, and not imported celebrity judges. You can see this has since been rectified.

    1. Agree they are a great act. But I’m not sure Jackie would make the cut in Outstanding this year (admittedly I haven’t seen much of her work this year), other years she has been dazzling. Outstanding category is now so strong with a lot more choice than a decade ago. And with the show’s ratings it was was a long shot for Popular. I agree she is highly underrated.

  6. I also find it off that Elisabeth Moss can’t make the Logies cut, but can win an Emmy and Golden Globe for this great Aussie show.

    Surprised to see both seasons of the Block nominated for Reality. Also with The Block makeover special up for Lifestyle. I thought that there was better lifestyle shows that should have been nominated.

  7. @daveinprogress speaks the truth.

    I’ve long thought the Logies to be a bit of a joke but this year they have outdone themselves and descended into self-parody. Perhaps I’ve obliterated previous embarrassments from memory but I’m struggling to recall a time when so many obviously deserving people missed out on nominations.

    Don’t get me started on the list for the Gold Logie, with a couple of exceptions that is a travesty. Andy Lee to get the Eric the Eel award for just turning up.

  8. Elisabeth Moss didn’t win an Emmy for ‘Top of the Lake’ (Laura Linney won that category).

    Maybe the absence of Moss, Peter Mullan, Sheridan Smith can be blamed on Joel Madden?

  9. Harley Bonner from Neighbours should’ve been nominated for Most Popular New Talent. He’s much more talented than Johnny Ruffo (in the acting department).

    Can’t believe The X Factor wasn’t nominated for Most Outstanding Light Entertainment. Last year was their best season so far. X Factor has no chance against The Voice in the Most Popular Light Entertainment category.

  10. I’ve been visiting your blog David for more years than i can remember but have repeatedly made the comment that they should resurrect the supporting actor categories. It is a travesty for many of the great character actors especially the ones that give sustained and interesting performances in the long running and stripped dramas as well as the shorter ones. The last outstanding actor nominee that i can recall from a long running drama was Judith McGrath for All Saints and that was a one off. If they are genuine about celebrating and representing the diversity of the industry they should reduce some of the duplicates of most popular/outststanding in the same fields and give the actors a bit more.

  11. David, will you be telling us your predictions for who will win each category before the night?

    Also, do you know how the Oustanding awards are voted on? Does TV Week actually ever explain how many “peers” vote on these awards, and where those peers come from and how they’re eligible?

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