US Castings: Shirley Maclaine, Chris Colfer, Michael Gross.

2014-04-11_0203Shirley MacLaine is set to appear in multiple episodes of Glee.

MacLaine, who has recently appeared on Downton Abbey, will portray a powerful New York socialite intent on turning Blaine (Darren Criss) into a superstar.

Her first episode is set to air in the US later this month.

Meanwhile Glee‘s own Chris Colfer (Kurt) will guest star in an episode of Hot in Cleveland, playing Tony, the son of Wendie Malick’s ‘Victoria Chase.’

Elsewhere former Family Ties patriarch Michael Gross will have a recurring role in the fourth season of Suits.

He will appear as businessman Walter Gillis, the founder of a DVD distribution company, fending off takeover bids while he tries to keep his business solvent.

Source / Photo: TVLine

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  1. I’ve recently stopped watching Glee. Just hasn’t been any good since graduation and moving to New York. Tried to continue but just isn’t enjoyable anymore.

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