50 years since The Addams Family premiered

2014-09-19_1558It was 50 years ago this week that The Addams Family hit US television.

I was always more Munsters than Addams Family, but no question it was a wonderfully satirical family.

Hard to believe it only lasted 2 seasons.

Here’s a 13 minute doco celebrating all the was funny, twisted and horror-ble, including with John Astin.


  1. Not many people remember this but Jackie Coogan(Fester) was once a child actor who worked alongside Charlie Chaplin(and others) in the silent era. The money he earned was frittered away by his “agents” so he hardly made anything out of his career. A law to protect the earnings of children in movies(and later TV) was dubbed “Coogan’s Law”.

  2. I preferred the Addams Family over The Munsters, think the AF humour was slightly more ‘out there’, which I preferred…plus I had a big crush on Morticia. 🙂

  3. Huge fan back in the 70’s,actually still a big fan.I have witnessed a few jolly peeps trying the fester globe stunt,fabulous.Mother was never impressed when I cut the the tops off her roses…why, I thought! hahaha

  4. You may not be aware, but in addition to the rivalry between ‘The Munsters’ and ‘The Addams Family’, those two shows essentially had identical runs: they started the same week as each other, and finished the same week as each other, so it’s also the 50th anniversary for ‘The Munsters’.

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