(Another) Wonder Years reunion

Former stars of The Wonder Years Fred Savage, Danica McKellar and Josh Saviano reunited on Good Morning America this week.

The occasion was to plug the release of the series on DVD.

Host Robin Roberts introduced it as their first ever reunion but of course they were back together as recently as May.

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  1. They did get about 97% of the original music for the DVD. There are 16 songs that they could not get. They either used cover versions or a replacement song that could still convey the emotion of a scene well.

    Some music artists simply do not want their songs to appear on a TV show on DVD ever. This is no the fault of the DVD makers, but the music industry.

    For example, WKRP has 90% of its original music for its DVD release on October 28. However, you will not find any songs by The Eagles, The Beatles and Pink Floyd on the DVD.

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