Shout-out to Neighbours as it reaches 7000 episodes

2014-10-20_2228On Friday night Neighbours reaches its #7000th episode.

But on ELEVEN the milestone has barely raised a hurrah from TEN, which┬áis focussed on more ‘profile’ local ventures Party Tricks, Wonderland, Recipe to Riches and Gold Coast Cops -all of which would be lucky to reach triple figures with their combined output.

Is there any money in Publicity to spend on this show any more?

Susan decides to investigate a therapist for herself as she continues to struggle with the emotional weight of counselling Nate. Karl finds himself preoccupied with an unscratched scratchy, which reveals he has won $7,000. His fortune is short-lived when he realises he has lost the ticket. Sheila learns of the missing ticket and the pair race one another around Erinsborough to find it.

Sonya and Toadie find themselves locked into a nudist lunch. Despite Sonya getting the giggles, the meeting goes well and Toadie secures the business contract. The successful afternoon is dampened when Toadie receives an anonymous letter warning him that Sonya is not who he thinks she is.

6:30pm Friday on ELEVEN.


  1. While its ratings figures have suffered it does still have a loyal following in Australia. It can be a bit corny at times and other times punches above its weight in many regards. I like that it stays true to its roots and has links back to characters I watched in high school in the late 90’s/early 2000’s. I can easily forgive many of its flaws for the nostalgic element which I think is the same for many of us. To be fair the production is quite slick and it looks great on tv too.

  2. Ten started showing Neighbours promos on their channel last month (the first time since January 2011 when they were promoting the show’s move to Eleven).

  3. This show is close to my heart, having watched since I was 18, I’m now 48. Its been good the last couple of years. If I could change anything it would be to bring back Taylor Glockner as Mason Turner and ditch the Nate Kinski character. Also a bit disappointed with the recent wedding episode of two popular characters, it all seemed a bit rushed.

  4. @ craigj77 – I just had a look at the Channel 5 website and it says it is still airing. Although BBC dropped it, it does still air over there, and according to BARB the episodes average around 1 million each (which in the context that the highest rating program on Channel 5 in the week of October 6-12 was 1.8 million they are some damn good figures).

  5. Neighours is show, made in Australia by Freemantle for the BBC. Ten dumped it when its numbers dropped to 600k, doing a deal for Eleven to pick it up for a lower price and with less editorial say.

    In hindsight that was a mistake and Ten would rather not draw attention to it. They happy to just count the local content and drama points it provides cheaply. Promoting Neighbours will suck viewers away from the Project and other more important shows.

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