BBC 2015: trailer

Video: A glimpse of Happy Valley, Call the Midwife, Luther, Death in Paradise, Sherlock, Doctor Who....

The BBC has released a 2015 trailer of its upcoming titles, which give us glimpses of such shows as Happy Valley, Call the Midwife, Poldark, Luther, Death in Paradise, Last Tango in Halifax, Sherlock, Doctor Who and The Casual Vacancy.

Many of these will preview on BBC First but it’s not clear how many (aside from Doctor Who) will premiere on ABC.

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  1. @Maxxdude. The BBC get the bulk of it’s money from licence fees paid by viewers, $275 per year per household, it owes the Govt no favours. Can you see Tony allowing our ABC such independance?

    @StevieG. With an Internet VPN you can legally bypass the beeb’s geoblocking and watch some of these shows on the UK’s catch-up services. A VPN will also legally bypass the Govts promised “Business Related Internet Censureship” law.

    Our ABC will have the opportunity to get these shows a year or 2 later in SD at a lower price than “first run”. A loss for viewers but a win for taxpayers.

  2. Imagine what the ABC would be if the government followed the BBC model & let it be the best broadcaster it could be, telling Australian stories & challenging the commercial networks to uphold the standard.

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