Gallery: New set for Q & A

qanda15ABC’s Q & A unveiled a new set last night, borrowing a leaf from Stephen Fry’s Qi.

Tony Jones sat at the top of a large Q & A logo-cum-panel while the backdrop now includes video screens flashing up audience tweets.

But it’s a busy visual for the eye when there are competing tweets supered on the screen itself. Which one are we supposed to be reading?

Sandwiched in the middle of it all were the panelists, dwarfed by the text. The people who actually make the show.






  1. Secret Squirrel

    @Tex – I’m reasonably confident that we are not related, let alone womb-mates. However, I have nodded sagely at many things that you have written and, on occasion, permitted myself a brief chuckle.

  2. You’re not my long-lost twin are you, SS? 😉

    Never been a fan of Q&A. If you want to have a public discussion / debate show then let’s have one, not a watered-down excuse for ‘debate’ made from pre-printed cue cards and quips from the ABC’s favourite twits.

  3. Secret Squirrel

    I was disappointed. There was a lot of unused space between the top of the guest’s heads and the screen tweets – they could easily have fit in another super of a completely different tweet.

    Actually, we don’t really need to see the guest’s faces so why not add a 4th layer of tweets right there?

    You know, I reckon you could comfortably have 6 lines of pointless banal comments from self-important people I don’t know streaming across the screen. Seriously, if I wanted to read that stuff, I’d be second-screening on Twitter.

  4. A compelling first show last night. Thank you ABC and the team. But I’m sorry but the new set has 2 problems for me. It is ugly. In fact it is ugly from every angle. There was not a single redeeming shot last night. And it is a huge bombastic barrier between the audience and the panel which seems to go against the fundamental principle of the show, i.e. to welcome the public to talk to our movers and shakers. This set says “back off” to me.

  5. It was a good ep of q&a last night but I did find I missed things because I was distracted by reading the tweets. It was funny to see the tweet count on the screen in the background go up after certain comments were made. Apparently Alan Jones is going to be on next weeks ep. Considering he was a major feature of last nights mediawatch, next weeks ep might be worth a look.

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