Rumour: Home & Away to be inducted into Logie Hall of Fame


TV Tonight is hearing whispers that Home and Away is set to be inducted into the Hall of Fame at the Logie Awards.

The long-running Seven soap has notched up more than 27 years on Australian television -and remains dominant in the ratings.

Over its lifespan it has proven a career platform for such famous faces as Heath Ledger, Isla Fisher, Kate Ritchie, Melissa George, Julian McMahon, Dannii Minogue, Chris Hemsworth, Simon Baker, Guy Pearce, Ryan Kwanten, Brenton Thwaites and Naomi Watts -many of whom have gone on to international fame. Thousands more actors, crew and artists have been employed by the show, created by Alan Bateman and produced internally by Seven. It screens in multiple territories including Europe and is now available via Hulu in the US.

The show’s induction into the Hall of Fame is long overdue, despite it being the darling of TV Week magazine covers. Only three shows have ever been inducted: Four Corners, Play School and Neighbours.

Asked if it was time to induct one man, one woman and one show ever year, TV Week Editor Emma Nolan told TV Tonight, contenders for the category were always submitted by networks.

“This year’s Hall of Fame is in the traditional format, but it’s definitely something we could look at. We refresh the Awards year by year so we look at all ideas,” she said.

“But I wouldn’t want to say a definite no.”

The Hall of Fame recipient will officially be revealed on Logie night, May 3rd on Nine.


  1. i agree with shaneross and jennyw.
    the today show and 60minutes should be in there already as they have been on air longer then home and away. i also think HAA should wait until their 30th anniversary to be inducted.
    neighbours should have been inducted this year.
    this years HOF should be noni hazelhurst, ray martin, or 60 minutes

  2. Today, 60 minutes. both have been on the air longer than H&A. but I guess anything is better than honoring a woman for her contribution. poor form.

  3. But H&A is not on Nine, and Nine won’t be happy if the HOF does not go to one of their veterans. Just check the past five years – every one was a Nine star. It is poor form that the network is allowed such a stranglehold on this honour.
    Considering the impact H&A has had on TV, it deserves the honour. Some of those recent choices for HOF, I am not so sure about.

  4. Congratulations Home & Away, if true of course.
    I agree with previous comments that they should have waited until the 30th year. I would have liked to have seen David and Margaret At the movies inducted or a woman or possibly Ian Ross, although there have been many newsmen inducted over the past 5 years (Naylor, Henderson, Oakes & Harvey).
    Really hope they do as you suggested David.

  5. Home and Away is part of my daily fix and is a program I’ve watched from the very first episode. All the while its track record speaks volumes and cannot be contested, I would much prefer the late great Ian Ross to be this year’s Hall of Fame recipient.

  6. It would be awesome to see Home and Away inducted. Other wise Emily Symons, Lynne McGranger or Cornelia Frances are worthy of being in there. Others considerable are Noni Hazlehurst and Jackie Woodburne.

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