Nine restructures Warner Bros output deal

Nine will retain first-run of titles such as Big Bang Theory, but does not automatically retain repeats.


Nine Network has restructured its long-running output deal with Warner Bros Studios, which produces such titles as The Big Bang Theory, The Mentalist, Fringe, The Following, Gotham, Forever, Stalker, Person of Interest, Arrow and 2 Broke Girls.

The saving is designed to improve its position for the next round NRL broadcasting rights.


The Australian reports Nine has retained the right to broadcast new episodes such as The Big Bang Theory but has has waived the right to repeats unless it buys them on the open market.

Ironically, Nine’s schedule has been heavily dependent on seemingly-limitless repeats of the US sitcom.

Output deals have traditionally been legacy arrangements between Australian networks and US studios but their strike rate has been less successful in broadcast television, while viewers have shown increased interest in Australian drama and premium cable dramas.




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  1. Nine were tipped to take a limited picks deal like Seven and Ten have done, but they giving up on new US shows entirely.

    It is standard in output deals these days for options for exclusive first run rights of subsequent seasons to remain with the network after the output deal lapses. So Nine should be able to run out TBBT, Gotham, Arrow etc. But won’t get any new WB shows unless they buy them on the open market (though the WB doesn’t go to MIPCOM).

  2. What an intriguing situation. The devil will be in the detail. It’s not unusual for different series of the same show to be shown on two networks on the same day. Presumably a “repeat” cannot be shown by another channel until Nine shows the original but the repeat can be advertised as a “new episode”. Then there’s Nine’s “catch-up” stream and Stan to think about. Will 6 hours of prime-time TV a week become TBA? Nah, there’s always Big Brother Tonight.

    1. Yes repeats don’t apply until after the exclusive first run rights expire, there can be time-limits on that if they aren’t shown. Non-exclusive rights can be sold to anyone and there are old eps of several shows running on multiple FTA and Pay channels at the moment.

      The Australian article tips The WB to sell repeats of recent TBBT episodes only to one network (Nine), presumably for a higher price, than to offer them to everyone. Nine pretty much showed them until everyone in the country was bored with them before the deal expired.

  3. Surely nine will somehow retain the BBT repeats and discard all the others, which they usually can’t be bothered showing first episodes of, let alone repeats.

  4. “…but has has waived the right to repeats…”
    What are they going to put in all of those schedule gaps on two channels? More renovation?

    Here’s how I read that list of shows – “The Big Bang Theory, m-i-s-s-i-n-g – i-n – a-c-t-i-o-n, and 2 Broke Girls.”

    1. It must work out cheaper to buy the repeats out side of the main deal, if not thus story makes no sense on why nine would do this, I don’t like the repeats but what else is go gonna air, seems very dumb and close minded

    1. Yes they air way to many but the show is pretty funny, I just watch the new eps nowadays but the repeats rate well on go, for me be top 3 funniest sit coms on at the moment

    1. Ten: CBS and Fox
      Nine: used to have WB. (limited picks of Disney and Paramount films)
      Seven: ABC. Sony (a few picks TV and film). Dropped NBC/Universal deal end of 2013 but retained existing ITV new ITV picks covered by NBCU/ITV deals.
      Foxtel: Showtime, HBO, 20th Fox and ABC family.

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