FOX developing 24 spin-off, Prison Break limited series.


Two recent FOX dramas are reportedly in development as new projects.

A 24 spin-off is poised to feature a new twentysomething male terrorist hunter working alongside a more seasoned female agent.

The spinoff would be a limited series, similar to 24: Live Another Day and retain its “real-time concept” but with Kiefer Sutherland potentially in a guest role. If it succeeds it could progress to more.

Meanwhile Prison Break is also said to be under consideration as a limited series, with a closed-ended storyline featuring Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell.

Both actors, who recently appeared in The Flash, are also reuniting for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

Source: TV Line


  1. Absolutely loved Prison Break back in the day. Unfortunately it really lost it’s mojo in Season 3 due to the writer’s strike. A prequel would be brilliant. As for Schofield dying in the finale, hey, Sara Tancredi’s head was chopped off and she made a come back! Anything’s possible.

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