Nine announces Celebrity Apprentice cast


Nine has confirmed its Celebrity Apprentice cast for 2015, with some big attention-seekers amongst its ranks:


Esther Anderson: Popular Aussie actress.
Mel Greig: Radio DJ.
Gabi Grecko: Mrs Edelsten.
Gina Liano: Real Housewife.
Tegan Martin: Miss Universe Australia.
Sophie Monk: Aussie “It” girl.

Matt Cooper: NRL Superstar.
Tim Dormer: Big Brother winner.
Geoffrey Edelsten: Aussie Tycoon.
Blake Garvey: The Bachelor.
James Mathison: Aussie TV music presenter.
Richard Reid: Hollywood Gossip Guru.

The list includes husband & wife Geoffrey Edelsten & Gabi Grecko, the flamboyant Gina Liano and ex-Bachelor Blake Garvey. It also includes TV presenter James Mathison who, on the weekend, said Reality TV had been “done to death.”

Mark Bouris, Chairman of Yellow Brick Road, returns to the Board Room chair, with Kerri-Anne Kennerley and Shelley Barrett, of ModelCo, as mentors.

The FremantleMedia Australia production began filming yesterday and is tipped to air later this year.


  1. At least on DWTS most of the celebs have actually achieved something in there life.

    wow celebrities. There are 5 names who I think deserve that title because they have achieved things on tv. Esther was an awesome actress on home and away. James hosted idol and it was successful especially at the beginning, Richard as annoying as his voice is he has been around for a long time as an entertainment person. Matt Cooper a great NRL player and yes Id even put Sophie Monk in there because she has been around for awhile and at least been in a band.

    But seriously why are we giving the eddlestons air time. Just ignore them. Anyway im not watching but I can see James will get frustrated dealing with some of these. Its not celebrity apprentice. It mainly reality stars on another reality show.

  2. I suspect Mel Grieg is a strategic controversial casting inclusion for the UK market. Every contestant is there for strategic reasons to boost the Nine Network bottom line.

  3. So I’m guessing the Edelsten’s are no longer contestants? Given that on the same day this was announced a few hours later they announced they have broken up……

  4. roaringdave

    Why does this always have to feature ‘celebrities’. Would watch in a heartbeat if it was regular people with something to actually compete for…

  5. The Edelstens I understand (they are the clowns) but Mel Greig has me not wanting to watch this. Her casting is disgusting. No wonder Today made no mention of her this morning.
    Does this mean Nine & Richard Reid have made up because Today really needs his soarkle now they have that ‘dead fish’ Sylvia Jeffreys who showed again today that she is only good with an autocue.

    • Why is casting Mel Greig disgusting? She didn’t know where the prank was going to end up nor was it her fault the nurse committed suicide, if this is what your referring to with your ‘disgusting’ comment.

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