Airdate: Graceland Happiness Project

Former Big Brother contestants will feature in a doco for Mental As week on ABC.


Former Big Brother contestants Tim Dormer and Ben Zabel will feature in Graceland Happiness Project, a documentary to air on ABC2 as part of the second Mental As… week.

When Tim Dormer won Big Brother, he promised to take his fellow contestant and friend Ben Zabel to the home of his childhood idol – Elvis Presley’s Graceland. When Ben’s ongoing struggle with depression was made public after an attempted suicide, what began as a holiday turned into a rescue mission to help Ben find a new lease on life.

Will this trip turn Ben’s life around? Is finding happiness that simple? Genuinely hilarious and heart-warming, together they explore the complexity of not only having depression but also being the friend of someone who is suffering from mental illness.

Filmed as a 10 part web series by Princess Pictures, it will air as a single doco on ABC2 at 8:35pm Thursday October 8th.


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  1. Wow – Chalk and Cheese there; I miss seeing Ben on our screens… he was a funny sweet and innocent soul. I appreciate everything he did and would love to see some network someplace do something more with him (especially a Celebrity get me out of here series). Tim on the other hand, I hated him, did not “get” him and don’t want to know anything at all ever about that Big Brother, two faced creature…. Well Done Ben and stay well

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