House Husbands: Oct 12


It’s taken 4 seasons, but on Monday night House Husbands will finally have a same-sex wedding for Kane (Gyton Grantley), with partner Alex (Darren McMullen).

The extended season finale will air for 90 minutes.

This season House Husbands storylines have tackled adoption, surrogacy, IVF, and same-sex relationships.

Last month a very passionate McMullen told TV Tonight,“The more TV shows that can open up equal rights, environmental issues and all the things that we should be talking about to people in primetime, in the nature of a comedic show, becomes an easier way for people to digest that information, than me getting up on a soapbox and shouting.”

House Husbands airs 8:40pm Monday on Nine.


    • Originally when I interviewed Darren McMullen he mentioned a wedding at the British consulate, meaning it could be legal. Having viewed the episode it just looked like a HH domestic home to me. Maybe I’m mistaken…?

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