Seven apologises for interrupting The Last Post

Seven has apologised after a commercial break interrupted The Last Post during an Richmond-Melbourne AFL match.

Seven cut to an ad for My Kitchen Rules before the traditional bugle call had been completed. Some viewers took to social media to criticise the network.

TV Tonight understands the ANZAC tribute had happened before the start of the broadcast and the mistake occurred during production of a highlights package.

“It was an error. Channel 7 unreservedly apologises,” a Seven spokesperson advised.

An apology was also issued during the broadcast.


  1. What I couldn’t believe was on yesterdays coverage of the Collingwood/Essendon game the Maori part of the New Zealand national anthem was completely missed. How disrespectful, especially on ANZAC Day.

  2. I missed it live but saw the apology live at the end of the game. The apology was very genuine. The editor seems to have coped heaps for “a poorly put together package”. Am I missing something here. The broadcast was on air after the The Last Post and festivities were performed live at the ground. Seven during the broadcast aired a highlights package of the festivities earlier in the evening. Maybe the program hosts should have communicated it was “a highlights package of what was at the ground earlier in the evening”.

  3. Is anyone really surprised? The networks have no respect for anything except the bottom line. No respect for their content, no respect for their viewers and now they’ve demonstrated a lack of respect for our ANZACs. Shame on them.

    • I couldn’t agree more. They ruin the end of so many programs by squashing the end credits to blast us with promos for another show (or chop them altogether). The last episode of Downton Abbey was a case in point. For those who had followed it for years and were savouring the very last drops, good ol’ 7 starts screaming about its replacement program with seconds of fade to black. I hate our commercial networks with a vengeance for all the rubbish they hurl t us.

  4. I thought it was a merciful release after hearing that bit of music over and over, ad nauseum. When I was a kid I thought they had pinched The Last Post from Il Silenzio by Nini Rosso, a number one instrumental hit in 1965. At least Il Silenzio is entertaining and involves a bit of musical creativity rather than just being a bunch of open notes played after each other.

  5. Ah yes, ANZAC Day, peak outrage season. Yes, it was a silly mistake, it shouldn’t have happened, it was disrespectful. They apologised unreservedly…time to move on.

          • This article is about 7 putting an ad in the Last Post. You comment “another reason to watch the game on Fox Footy”. My reply to that was about Fox not showing it at all, hence no better. Not sure where YT comes into it. I guess what I’m asking is: Are you on Fox’s payroll to make a comment that has zero relevance to the article or trolling or something else?

  6. Not good, but I can see how this can happen. Working to a deadline, the editor/operator would have been completely engrossed in the editing/dubbing/ timing etc , with an eye on the stopwatch and may not have even realised the Last Post was playing when he made the cut. No excuse, he should have been across it, but he would be highly embarrassed at his gaffe, but deserved to be hauled over the coals as does the director who let it go to air.
    Having worked on similar tasks in the media over the years, I admit to feeling for this guy a bit.

    • Having worked on a gajillion live broadcasts, there is a lot of truth in what you’ve said. The editor certainly isn’t to blame. The segment producer would have been calling the shots, quite literally. And then this was viewed by producers and approved to go to air. The package had to fit a certain time slot to allow “partners messages” the air time they have paid for and be damned what was cut short or omitted.

      It’s also about an age of accountability because of social media. In years past similar events may have occurred, and we would have all fumed about it in our lounge rooms and that would be that. The fury online last night was swift and merciless (and rightly so) and the ones who should have their backsides kicked were the producers who approved the package.

      I do have to give Ch 7 kudos for the immediate and contrite apology. There was no trying to blame technical…

  7. Is that what they were apologising for after the game? I’m pretty sure we didn’t even get it in Adelaide. I thought that was was why.

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