Planet America calls Charlie Pickering



Charlie Pickering is stepping into ABC News 24’s Planet America, looking at the US election campaign.

Pickering will replace Chas Licciardello temporarily, as the latter is kept busy with The Chaser’s Election Desk.

Pickering will join John Barron in the Fake Oval Office for four weeks.

“I always thought Chas was irreplaceable, but then we replaced him,” Barron says.

“Charlie has a really deep understanding of American politics and is almost as obsessed as Chas. Like Chas, he’s smart, funny and asks questions the others wouldn’t think of. And unlike Chas, Charlie has promised to wear long pants.”

Friday nights at 9pm (AEST) on ABC News 24 & iview


  1. I do like this show. Chas is so obsessed with American politics and presents some wonderful stats that really give you some insights into American life. It also helps to better explain the American political system, as weird as it seems to these Australian eyes.

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