New night for Winners and Losers ending

Updated: Seven has a change of heart and moves its Winners and Losers finale to Monday.


UPDATED: Seven has now brought forward its double Winners and Losers finale, to next Monday night at 8:50pm.

Whilst some fans had objected to the late night conclusion, the move appears to be a plan to beef up Monday night figures. It’s not clear what the change means to Australia’s Cheapest Weddings.

If you’ve been a Tuesday W&L viewer for years take note it is now bowing out on a Monday.

EARLIER: Fans of Winners and Losers are in for a very late night to see how the show wraps up after five and a half years.

It concludes next week with a “movie-length” finale at 9:4pm.

But that means it won’t end until close to midnight on a school night.

With a fifteen year reunion looming and a documentary investigating what happens to lottery winners five years on, the girls explore just how far they’ve come.

A Seven source indicates the show is doing well in Timeshifted numbers. Just as well!

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  1. Thanks David! Honestly this is an even worse decision! If you’re going to move it to a night it has never aired before make it start at 8:30!
    They must have grand plans for the following Tuesday to rush it through…

  2. As a loyal viewer to W&L I am disgusted with the treatment of their dramas. Why do we stay loyal? I like to support local dramas but 7 don’t seem to care. Why bother airing it at all with this late finish!

  3. Why do our networks always treat final seasons of any series with such hatred? They shove them into multiple time slots, double episodes up and lie about them being movie length, and finish them with a late night finale.

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