Returning: The Fall

The third and final season will screen on BBC First next month.

The third and final season of The Fall will screen on BBC First next month.

The cast this season features Gillian Anderson, Jamie Dornan, Krister Henriksson, Aidan McArdle, Ruth Bradley, Aisling Bea and Richard Coyle.

It will premiere on October 20. It debuts in the UK on September 29,

Picking up at the moment where the heart-stopping series finale left off in series two, Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan return in their iconic roles as the battle between Detective Superintendent Gibson and Paul Spector reaches its terrifying conclusion in Allan Cubitt’s intense psychological thriller, The Fall.

A stellar new cast including Krister Henriksson, Aidan McArdle, Ruth Bradley, Aisling Bea and Richard Coyle join Anderson and Dornan. Colin Morgan again stars as Detective Sergeant Tom Anderson, with series regulars John Lynch, Valene Kane, Stuart Graham, Bronagh Waugh and Aisling Franciosi also set to return.

At the climax of the last series, audiences were left reeling as Spector, critically injured in a devastating ambush, lay bleeding in the arms of Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson. Moments before, the intense and single-minded investigator thought she had her man; now, shocked and desperate, she’s losing him.

Bringing a killer to book is going to take much more now than simply catching him. In the emotionally charged aftermath of the shooting, Gibson’s personal journey to exact justice for the victims’ families must begin with the blood-soaked fight to keep Spector alive.

As The Fall reaches its inexorable conclusion, it’s clear that the rules of this deadly game of cat and mouse are set to shift once again.

8:30pm Thursday October 20 on BBC First.

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  1. One of the finest things the BBC has done and fortunately, unlike other shows such as Broadchurch which did not warrant a second outing which ended up being a complete disaster simply because they had no more story to tell, the second series of The Fall was every bit as well written and acted as the first. There is clearly a lot more of this story to tell and it’s just as compelling. This and the second series of The Missing are the two must-see shows for me this spring.

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