Returning: Vikings


Sprawling history series Vikings returns to SBS in January.

This will be the second block of Season 4, which premieres internationally next week and was originally due to screen on SBS this year.

Joining Aussie Travis Fimmel is former Neighbours star Jordan Patrick Smith as Ubbe, Ragnar’s grown son.

“This season is monumental and unlike anything we’ve ever done. We’ve propelled Vikings to the topmost level of historical drama as we follow storylines inspired by real life events such as Bjorn Ironside sailing through the Mediterranean and Ivar the Boneless becoming the most feared warrior of all time. It’s not a story of one man, but a saga of Ragnar and his sons.” said Michael Hirst (Elizabeth, The Tudors), creator and writer.

Fill up a festival stein to toast the return of the Nordic warriors as SBS presents the final episodes of season four this summer. Lead by Australian sensation Travis Fimmel as Lord Ragnar, the Vikings have an insatiable appetite for brutal warfare, unrestrained passion, fierce alliances and ruthless betrayals . . . the epic ending to the fourth season will not disappoint.

After being defeated in a monumental battle in Paris against his brother Rollo (Clive Standen), Ragnar disappeared following his humiliating loss. Vikings then took an enormous leap forward during the midseason finale, time-jumping to a new era in its characters’ lives.

Now Ragnar’s reappearance in Kattegat triggers a chain of events no one – except the Seer – could have ever imagined. He unexpectedly arrives home to see what has become of his sons and to handle unfinished business in Wessex with King Ecbert (Linus Roache). His battle is in choosing his successor as he toys with the idea of giving sinister Ivar the Boneless (Alex Hogh Andersen) the honour. Meanwhile, Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) plans a power play in Kattegat as she battles Queen Aslaug (Australia’s Alyssa Sutherland) for the throne and Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) prepares to fulfil his long-held dream to explore the Mediterranean in a sleek new boat built for him by Floki (Gustaf Skarsgård).

Vikings was created and written by premier internationally renowned historical storyteller Michael Hirst (Academy-Award winning Elizabeth, Emmy, Golden Globe nominated The Tudors). Vikings has been a huge international triumph and remains a top ten cable scripted drama in the U.S. Vikings season five is currently in post-production.

Wednesday 11 January at 8.30pm on SBS.


  1. blackbirdsgarden

    Awesome, looks like I’ve got 6 weeks to get up to speed on House of Cards [still stuck on S2] and watch the remaining 6 eps of The Crown.

  2. I can’t see how this is called S4 given the large time gap both in broadcast and the plotline which involves a remake of much of the cast-the principals never seem to age, despite the passage of time and the harsh life they live!

  3. Secret Squïrrel

    It’s been consistently good and I have enjoyed so far. Looking fwd to this. Would have preferred that SBS started this next week as there is bugger all worth watching on FTA right now.

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