Gruen team yet to lock down 2017 plans

"We are going to talk about it soon," one of the three Gruen guys promises.

Arguably ABC’s most popular show, Gruen, is still to determine if it will return in 2017.

While the broadcaster is always keen to have the show, they are at the mercy of the creative team and availability of its in-demand talent.

“We are going to talk about it soon. We haven’t yet,” Todd Sampson told TV Tonight. “Will (Anderson) and I have been opposites, out of the country a lot.”

Sampson has been busy filming more of Body Hack for TEN, while Life on The Line premieres this week on ABC.

Wil Anderson is touring until mid-May at least whilst Russel Howcroft has departed his role with TEN and is now Chief Creative Officer with PwC and Chairman of Think TV.

“Where is Russel? I don’t know where he is!” Sampson joked.

“Everyone loves the show but we will have to come together and talk about whether we’re going to do another season. It’s up in the air.”

Life on The Line premieres 8pm Tuesday on ABC.

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