TBL: Transformed finale on Studio 10

TEN promised a Live finale and it will deliver, in what may be one of daytime TV's biggest cash giveaways.

TEN promised a Live finale for The Biggest Loser: Transformed and it will deliver, via Studio 10.

The show comes to a conclusion on Monday morning in a 90 minute special Studio 10: TBL: Transformed Finale.

This will be produced and hosted by Studio 10 and sees $100,000 awarded to one reality participant in what may be one of daytime TV’s biggest cash giveaways.

The Biggest Loser: Transformed gives Australians the motivation & tools to be the best they can be. Follow the transformational journey of our contestants as they overhaul their mind, body & spirit.

11am Monday on TEN.

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  1. David I know you did the feature with the producers of reality shows that fail but have you ever done anything with the contestants? Would be interesting to know if this TBL batch are disappointed the show was shafted.

  2. I tried to keep watching but lost interest in this a few weeks ago when a bunch of women were eliminated. Women are much more interesting to watch for things like makeovers. That being said I will watch the final.

    Despite not watching I have kept the series tag active. So when I noticed that the title was slightly different I thought I better check the series tag on the fetch box to ensure the final episode will be recorded and it wasn’t. The final episode actually falls under a studio 10 series tag not a biggest loser series tag which is stupid for viewers have been watching loser. So for those who want to watch, check your recordings on fetch and other devices to ensure the final will record cause it may not like in my case. Ten really know how to make a bad situation worse regarding getting their titles right.

      1. If your not interested in the final that’s fine but the sarcasm is not needed.

        There are people who will want to see the final episode and since its during the daytime, ensuring the recording is done properly is even more important.

    1. Coincidently – that about the same amount as the salary of whichever moron gave this turkey the go-ahead this year. Maybe they can save themselves similar pain in the future by using this prize money to take one salary out of the Ten network and get someone to start packing up their desk now…

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