Airdate: True Story with Hamish and Andy

One of the most promising new format in some time, begins on Nine in early June.

One of the most promising new format in some time, True Story with Hamish and Andy will premiere at 7:30pm Monday June 5 on Nine.

The series, which sees ordinary Australians recounting first-hand yarns which are then dramatised with a guest cast, will screen as 2 x 5 episode block this year, and is expected to be partnered with the return of Here Come the Habibs!

Episode One stars Emily Taheny, James Saunders, Fiona Choi & Keith Brockett in “Rachel’s Anything Story.”

True Story with Hamish & Andy will bring to life the best Australian tales you’ve never heard, told by the very people who experienced them and then humorously and cinematically realised through dramatic recreations.

In each half-hour episode, Hamish and Andy will meet one regular Australian storyteller who will recount their amazing, surprising, funny and above all true story, which will be simultaneously recreated by a cast of Australia’s most renowned performers.

The carefully scripted recreations will produce a dramatic and heightened reality that brings a sense of the epic to these everyday stories of glory … or perhaps complete humiliation.

In the premiere episode we meet Rachel, a bubbly and warm-hearted mother who always puts family first – a family that has been known to attract their fair share of bad luck, especially on holidays. But through sheer will and a sense of humour, Rachel’s strength and optimism always gets them through.

While on a work trip to Hong Kong, Rachel’s husband Mark, her two-year-old son Ashton and five-year-old daughter Brooke flew over to visit. After a week of lecturing in risk management, Rachel and her family are invited to dine with one of Rachel’s students: a high-ranking government official.

But when they arrive at the unexpectedly fancy restaurant, Rachel’s risk management skills are put to work like never before. When the special entrée is brought out, a local delicacy called Thousand Year Old Eggs, Rachel is willing to do whatever it takes to avoid eating the stinky and expensive dish. So, not wanting to be rude to her gracious hosts, she sneakily promises Mark that she will give him “anything” if he eats her eggs. He of course accepts the challenge – one they would all soon regret.

True Story with Hamish & Andy is created and produced by Tim Bartley, Hamish Blake, Andy Lee and Ryan Shelton and is written by Hamish Blake, Andy Lee and Ryan Shelton.

Directors include Wayne Hope (Upper Middle Bogan, Now Add Honey, The Librarians), Sian Davies (The Ex-PM, House Husbands, Nowhere Boys) and Tim Bartley (Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year, Little Lunch, Real Stories). The series is produced by Andrew Walker (Rosehaven, The Kettering Incident, Wanted).

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