Australian Survivor finale no longer Live

TEN has backtracked on plans to stage a Live Australian Survivor finale.

In July TEN announced: “This year, the winner of Australian Survivor will be announced in an epic Live finale. After season one, viewers demanded a Live finale and Network TEN has delivered. All 24 contestants will come together, in front of a Live audience, for the announcement of the winner and the reunion special.”

Filming will take place tonight in Sydney, ahead of Tuesday’s broadcast, falling well short of a Live finale.

In the US the finale opens Live in studio with host Jeff Probst and audience, before the pre-recorded episode rolls, culminating in a final tribal council & vote. The winner is announced Live to air as part of the Reunion episode.

Neither TEN nor Endemol Shine replied to enquiries.


  1. Last year, they advertised recruitment for season two at about the halfway mark through. This year, we’re still waiting for confirmation of season three. I really hope they do another one – it’s been excellent (once again, even though my last ‘favourite’ Locky is no longer in the running to win).

  2. I don’t care if the finale is live, I am just super keen for the reunion special! That’s what is important!

    Henry and Luke were my favourites this season! I hope Michelle or Jericho wins!

  3. jezza the first original one

    We all know that they will film various endings….I hate this….Still of the final 4 only Michelle has fully played the game for quite some time and she has been up against it on many occasions. Jericho has done ok, while Peter and Tara are the sheep who have done nothing much. The so called big players should have booted them a lot earlier

    • timmydownawell

      How do they do different endings? They would have to fake some of the votes (and even then some Jury members would realise their vote had not been held up). Would they shoot the entire reunion twice?

    • Wow, different perceptions. I see Michelle as by far the least deserving of a very disappointing final four. Only a win by Jericho will make any sort of sense. I agree that it is a danger to let all the goats go through to the point where they have superior numbers. The good players should have acted together earlier, as Ziggy was trying to ge them to do.

    • Mr game show fan

      That was technically only an extended Studio 10 episode if I recall correctly so only used the Studio 10 set (i.e. cheap to produce the finale)

  4. Secret Squïrrel

    I used to watch a lot of shows on Ten but all I that can readily recall from the last 5 years is a string of bold statements from them that turned out to not be true.

  5. Oh, well, semi-live then. It’s a step in the right direction. Live versions of local shows tend to be chaotic and embarrassing, so a snappier finale to me is preferable. Will keep blinkers on to avoid spoiler spillage.

    • Mr game show fan

      I searched for the Channel 9 version season finale earlier today and Eddie was only co-hosting and the main guy (who’s he?) was still there reading the votes. Was it just Eddie for the live reunion show? (After votes were revealed)

  6. I’m not surprised they changed their minds. To do a live one-off event with high production values requires significant resourcing. Much cheaper to prerecord as live with the ability to stop and reset and “fix it in post”.

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