The Secret Daughter not returning for Seven

Add The Secret Daughter to a growing list of 2017 local dramas that will not be back in 2018.

The Sunday Herald Sun says Seven has confirmed it is “being rested ” (probably like City Homicide was, never officially “axed.”)

It follows confirmation this week that Love Child has ended. Still to be confirmed are House Husbands, The Wrong Girl and Sisters, all three of which are not expected to resurface and doubts over Offspring. ABC has not included Newton’s Law nor Pulse in its 2018 drama announcements.

Secret Daughter which enjoyed solid ratings in 2016 was in many ways of victim of the success of The Good Doctor. Seven’s stellar ratings for the latter meant the show’s planned return to Tuesdays had to be bumped to Wednesdays against Gruen. Squeezed into the last few weeks of the year to coincide with a #2 charting album, it was also lumbered with double episodes.

Jessica Mauboy still has positives ahead, to compete at Eurovision next May for SBS.


  1. Mr game show fan

    Forget about ‘Eddie Everywhere’, I thought it was ‘Jessica Everywhere’ for a long time. After Eurovision 2018 her ’15 minutes of fame’ could very well run out.

      • Mr game show fan

        Isn’t Pete Heliar just Cram and The Project + some comedy festivals?
        You have a point about Dr Chris Brown though although with him finishing up on Bondi Vet, I believe he is down to just The Living Room and I’m a Celebrity+ the odd Cram appearance.

  2. Not every show should go season after season after season… we watched S1 but not S2 – nothing to do with the scheduling, just couldn’t get into S2 and left it half way through S2E1.

  3. A conundrum for Jess and Sony as the soundtracks performed really well. Eurovision can only really give her a successful single at best. So maybe she can release covers albums under her own name, or she can try to crack Europe post-Eurovision (she has an extensive back catalogue to launch a compilation album).

  4. I hated the Secret Daughter and glad its being “rested”. But Love Child made a big mistake killing off Pattie and it wasn’t the same when some originals left.

  5. Seven had already renewed 800 Words and Wanted and resurrected The Doctor Blake Mysteries. So not a surprise as the networks only make enough local drama to meet the quota and keep their licence. Glitch and Cleverman haven’t been renewed yet either and Winter and Hyde and Seek didn’t last long. The Secret Daughter was a one idea show, which wasn’t well handled. You had to be a Mauboy fan to enjoy it.

  6. The Weakest Link has been “resting” for 15 years now (as Wendy Harmer said at the Logie Awards “like the Queen Mother is resting”), so I’m guessing that we’ll never see The Secret Daughter again

    • Mr game show fan

      That’s a show I would love to see back on Aussie TV. Thankfully Hard Quiz is a great substitute (both shows have a host that are mean but in a good and funny way)

  7. I have always stood up for this show . Channel 7 programming and treatment this year was just ‘what the’. In saying that , it was a little bit of everything overall , including a very lame last episode. How she bumped her head n the hotel caught fire , could have been more dramatic or written better . Not sure where the show could have gone from the way it ended , so much potential that really didn’t go anywhere. Props for the music/singing aspect , some were exucuted amazingly. Let’s hope for a similar theme show in the future .

  8. I had hopes they’d renew it, based on S1 success, their own scheduling fault this year and consolidated ratings. I am very sad. Damn, actually hoping I’ll see Offspring back now.

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