SKY News revamp: SKY News UK, A-PAC rebrands, Multiview moves online

SKY News announces major channel changes from late May.

SKY News has announced a suite of channel changes which will see Multiview move online, with a SKY News UK channel launching and re-brand of A-PAC to SKY News Extra from late May.

SKY News UK will launches on Foxtel channel 605 on May 27 whilst Public Affairs Channel, A-PAC rebrands to SKY News Extra on Foxtel channel 604.

SKY News Extra 1, SKY News Extra 2 and SKY News Extra 3 will be available as digital content formembers-only” on skynews.com.au (member details are not yet available).

Angelos Frangopoulos, CEO Australian News Channel said: “Since SKY News Australia launched in 1996, we have grown to become a central part of Australian journalism. Today’s announcements further solidify our commitment and investment in delivering Australians premium journalism and incisive commentary that informs on the vital issues shaping our nation and the world.”

Dedicated to bringing viewers unfiltered access to Australian democracy in action, SKY News Extra will continue to feature every session of Federal Parliament Live and in full, along with coverage from state and territory parliaments across Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the UK. SKY News Extra will also broadcast leading public affairs speeches, press conferences and breaking political news.

SKY News UK and SKY News Extra will also be available to take with you on the go with the Foxtel app, and will also join SKY News Live and SKY News Business as part of the news offering on Foxtel’s streaming service, Foxtel Now.

The new public affairs channel SKY News Extra will also simulcast Live on SKYNews.com.au, mobile apps and Apple TV, available anywhere and on any device.

SKY News will also transition its multiview services to a new digital offering on SKYNews.com.au.

SKYNews.com.au will house three digital video news streams SKY News Extra 1, SKY News Extra 2 and SKY News Extra 3, featuring breaking news, press conferences, events and programming Live and on demand 24/7.

In further digital innovations, SKYNews.com.au will introduce a new radio platform bringing audiences a Live audio simulcast of SKY News Live with the ability to listen to the channel at anytime.

Register at skynews.com.au for the SKY News Extra digital pass to access exclusive members-only content.

SKY News channel number listing from Sunday 27 May:

SKY News Live
Channel 600 and 103
Australia’s news channel featuring the best award-winning journalists, exclusive insights from the biggest names in politics, live breaking news, sport and weather 24/7.

SKY News Business
Channel 601
Australia’s first and only 24-hour business channel, covering the top stories in business and finance as they break.

FOX Sports News
Channel 602 and 500
Australia’s only 24/7 sports news channel, first and Live in breaking sports news.

SKY News Weather
Channel 603
Australia’s only 24-hour weather channel featuring the country’s largest on-air meteorological team and the SKY News Weather Active press RED functionality, for detailed weather forecasts at the touch of a button.

SKY News Extra
Channel 604
The only channel devoted to Live coverage of parliament nationwide. It’s unfiltered access to Australian democracy in action and a platform for discussion and debate.

Channel 605
Live from the UK breaking news headlines and top stories from business, politics and entertainment plus expert analysis and commentary delivered by the highly respected SKY News UK team.


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  1. The Foxtel magazine lists a lot of channel changes, including changes unrelated to these Sky News moves.

    Arena gets demoted from 105 to 112, showcase goes from 114 to 115, Universal from 112 to 114 and there’s about 2 dozen more changes all up. In relation to those that asked, Fox News and CNN move to 606 and 607 respectively and a number of the doco channels are changing too (Discovery from 608 to 612 for instance).

  2. There is nothing premium about pay tV news channel sky news it’s still reliant on channel 7,9,10 for content there alone disappears the premium aspect and as for content please it’s mostly political content of the most extreme right wing kind filled with ex LNP poltiical on air presenters who espouse one view the extreme right wing view. .the news aspect has never been a forte of sky news ..thank god I got rid of foxtel years ago .dont miss it either .

  3. What a silly place to have Sky News Australia, sandwiched between ABC (102) and SBS (104), where is UK TV (103) moving to? Sky News Australia should be placed next to either The Comedy Channel or ABC Comedy. Their biggest star, Miranda Devine is a comedy god! The parody of a 1950’s style McCarthy character is chillingly so realistic, I can’t tell if she is for real or taking the piss! Second only to Piers Ackerman.

  4. Apart from David Speers Sky News has become a political soap box in recent years, this situation most likely was started by the polarised politics created by firstly Mr Rudd and later Tony Abbott, but the choice of using U.S. style political bickering disguised as debate provides Sky News with little credibility other than clickbait headline making Sky News needs a good sweep out of its long term political stirrers and some impartial investigative journalism brought in. Its good to see that A-PAC might be getting more status and Sky News UK getting a channel of its own .

    1. ABC News the first place?

      I know it must be difficult for those ALP/Greens supporters to be objective (especially when the ABC delivers them exactly what they want in far left biased journalism) however when it comes to a news service Sky News is more balanced than the tax payer funded rubbish served up on ABC news.

      Whilst Sky News gives Graham Richardson or Nicholas Reece a platform to present their views I doubt the ABC will ever have a Andrew Bolt because in typical left ideology they own the ABC but every tax payer can subsidize it.

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