Axed: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend to end with 4th season

Musical series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend will end with its upcoming fourth season.

The show, originally piloted at Showtime as a half-hour with co-creators Rachel Bloom and Aline Brosh McKenna, got attention for its unique setup in the crowded TV landscape. While it was never a ratings hit, it did find a consistent viewership and a second window audience on Netflix.

Bloom also won a Golden Globe for her performance.

But The CW has now confirmed the fourth season, announced in April, will be the last.

It has aired in Australia on ELEVEN which should still be able to screen the final season, given it is CBS produced.

Source: Hollywood Reporter


  1. Is axed really the right word? Since season one Bloom has stated the story would end after four seasons. Axed makes it sound like it was CW who chose to end it and not Bloom’s decision.

    • Hi Teoni, the site uses a number of key words (Renewed, Returning, Airdate, Axed etc) to make it easy to search info in the archive now over 10 years old. Where a show has a final season still to come I try to include it in the headline too. Ultimately, somebody has made a decision to end a show.

    • Bloom had said in an interview that they expected to finish up in 4 seasons (given the way things went and Fontana leaving which shortened the arc they had planned). She was confident the show would be renewed for a 4th season, even though it was the lowest rating show on TV. This is the official notification from The CW.

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