Samantha Maiden quits SKY News

SKY News political journalist Samantha Maiden has resigned from the pay TV news network, announced on social media:

“I am resigning from SKY News today and would like to thank SKY for such great opportunities and the support (CEO Angelos Frangopoulos) and (David Speers) have offered me. I am truly sad to go. No more selfies for (son) Ned!”

Last month she was suspended, amid reports citing workplace behaviour.

She added, “Late last year, I was also diagnosed for the first time with anxiety and depression, which although I still believe never stopped me from breaking big political stories, has not been fun. so, I am doing what any sentient being would. Folks: I AM GOING TO THE GILI ISLANDS” and bluntly conceded she is “high functioning which is a polite way of saying I’m an annoying, relentless perfectionist. I’m genuinely sorry if anyone has been bruised by this.”

Maiden also extended her thanks to well-wishers, Annabel Crabb, Sally Rugg of and acknowledged a note from Alan Jones.

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  1. All the best to Samantha, hopefully other media opportunities are available for her if she wants them. Sky News needs a revamp, I said this before and repeat it, apart from David Speers Sky News is an ideological soap box for professional commentators who have been part of the furniture there for far too long.

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