60 Minutes inducted into Hall of Fame

Veteran reporters George Negus, Ray Martin, Ian Leslie joined with producer Gerald Stone at the Logie Awards as 60 Minutes was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

A video package heard  Stone recall testing times with Nine boss Kerry Packer while footage highlighted Jana Wendt, Mike Munro, Charles Woolley, Tara Brown, Peter Harvey, Richard Carleton and more. There were memories of iconic 60 Minutes moments including Margaret Thatcher, Pauline Hanson and warzones across the globe.

“We thank viewers who have stayed with us for 40 years,” said Liz Hayes.

“A special thank you to you Gerald Stone, you have been our guiding light.”

But the tribute made no mention of the show’s infamous Beirut saga in 2016 when the reputation of the show was severely tarnished.

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  1. daveinprogress

    Despite whispers and predictions especially here on TV Tonight, when i saw Jana stroll out; I immediately thought of Caroline Jones for Hall of Fame. I’ve been spruiking her on this site for years as a worthy candidate. Would it have been so hard to induct both a program and an individual? Caroline was such a pioneer, and Jana for me anyway was like the heir apparent a decade after Caroline to front a prime time current affairs show. I know the show was overlong, but giving a flagship current affairs show and an esteemed journalist in the same year would have made sense.

      • daveinprogress

        Caroline, as with everybody, won’t be around forever. I just hope that they continue to consider the Hall of Fame along with the ongoing category changes and judging panels’ make up year in year out. The fact that Ruth Cracknell was the only woman inducted til 2016 when Noni; then KAK last year, is shameful. Every award show on the planet this past year embraced more women as presenters etc; film festivals more women filmmakers, Logies just get blokier!

  2. daveinprogress

    I guess it’s the longevity and iconic brand rather than the quality in recent years. It was a juggernaut in the early years; although i have no memory of it being slow to build; it seemed to be huge straight away. It certainly has lost a lot of its sheen over the years; especially the kidnapping saga. I would still prefer to see a Countdown or Prisoner make the Hall of Fame for sheer originality and lasting legacy. It was great to see Jana Wendt present but it would have also been a nice touch to give the original three a moment on stage rather than all saunter out together – the new and the old.

  3. This smacks of Nine trying to give their old warhorse a publicity boost. 4 Corners, which is an original format and has affected real social and political change and debate, and has been around for 50 years, is far more deserving if it’s not already a member of the HOF (it should be).

  4. All I could think about while they were congratulating themselves was Charles Wooley’s cringe-filled interview with Jacinda Ardern and their constantly shifting airtime.

  5. Liz Hayes twice said Gerald had been there through the good times and the bad times. I assumed the bad times was Beirut rather than the 9.45pm start time it has had after quite a few reality show overruns over the years

    • Quite funny! I can’t remember the last time it started at 7.30. It’s late start times show how little regard 9 has for this program. If they cannot air it at a suitable time on a Sunday night I don’t know why they don’t just move it to 7.30 on a Tuesday or Wednesday night.

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