Bookies take bets on Pointless moving slots (yep, already)

Since Pointless debuted last night there have been a number of media articles dissecting the social media reaction (“mixed” would be putting it kindly) and ratings, which were the result of a 3 channel roadblock.

Online betting site Sportsbet has gone one step further with novelty betting that won’t make TEN execs very happy.

It is already offering odds for Pointless to be moved from its 6pm timeslot. There are also odds for Grant Denyer to take over as host.

“Denyer is the king of quiz shows, but we’re not sure if even he could save Pointless. Judging by the public reaction to the show’s premiere, viewers didn’t find a lot of good points,’’ said Sportsbet’s Ella Zampatti. Ouch.

$3.00 Pointless to be moved to a different Ten Network timeslot in 2018
$12 Dr Andrew Rochford or Mark Humphries to win the Gold Logie
$16 Family Feud to be put back in the 6pm timeslot over Pointless
$21 Grant Denyer to host Pointless in 2018

Bizarrely they reckon Mark Humphries or Andrew Rochford have a better chance of winning a Gold Logie than Family Feud returning.

Gamble in moderation, of course…


    • Well if you want to keep it, you should watch Think Tank on catchup. It’s a much better experience on iview than watching Pointless on tenplay.

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